Why Are Business Processes Needed?

Business Processes

Business processes and good business process management will safeguard the smooth day to day running of essential tasks, ensuring that they are carried out in a consistent, high standard. Without business processes, how would any employee know what to do? 


What are business processes?

Business processes include but are not limited to IT; new service requests, HR; employee management and Accounting; finance, costings and spending. All essential assets to the running of a successful company.

Taking business process management forward

Business processes have been around since the beginning of business but they can always be refined and improved. Should we digitise them? We are now in a digital world where computing, applications and software are designed with purpose of entertainment and most importantly to improve our day to day lives – this includes business.

The evolution of business process management has seen it develop digitally. A good workflow solution will uniform your procedures, including removing the leg work of chasing people for tasks and in doing so creates a better flow of information for your business processes.

If we digitise processes, how do we know what tool to use? Should we go cloud or host it in our IT services?

Firstly, the future is cloud computing. The days of costly hosting fees and heavy usage on your internal IT resources are gone. Using a high speed and secure cloud solution improves costings and opens the use of any application to your computer and beyond your office walls on tablet computers and mobile devices.

What are the key areas of any such solution?

It has to be firstly easy to use, training costs are expensive and consume time. A stress-free system with easy learning will encourage employees to use the tool to its full potential. Helping you to get the most from your business processes.

What you do with the information then becomes the focus, a good solution will allow you to:

Collect – Collect your business processes into to one, easily accessible environment – providing a secure centralized resource without the heavy burden of hosting.

Collaborate – To ensure that you make the most of any business process, people’s skills and the business itself. The collaboration, together of ideas and your core processes ensures the progression of all business processes & principles.

Share – The importance of transparency in business provides security and confidence to the employee and any potential customer. Sharing your business processes and data appropriately reduces the stresses right the way through the organisation and externally.

I have my data but I want to see it better, how can I do that?

Data presentation is integral to understanding business needs, fact. We live in a digital world where we can find so much information but it is the processing and representation of the information that allows us to identify any requirements of the business. We are not all data analysts with dedicated analytical tools, but do we really need that?

A comprehensive data output, graphically represented can clearly mark trends – each of us can understand. Without understanding the data we may as well not collect it.

Collect, Collaborate and Share with BizzMine, cloud software that pilots your business processes and data.


The future is cloud computing. The days of costly hosting fees and heavy usage on your internal IT resources are gone.

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