BPM: Leaving the paper for the cloud

Paper to cloud BPM

BPM is at the heart of every organisation whether it is directly considered or not, on a global and local level.

Regardless of business size.

Departmental Level – How does BPM help your individual departments?

There are specific processes for each department, naturally – as they have different requirements and responsibilities.

Good business process management will tailor itself to those individual needs, whether it be;

  • Your accounting department approving an expense request
  • Your HR department managing employee leave requests
  • Your IT department approving and completing a service request

In years gone by each department would have a separate system for each, this can be expenses and creates barriers within your organisation. Having separated systems for each reduces both efficiency and importantly easy communication.

Therefore the obvious solution is to bring them together into one controlled space on an organisational level.

Organisational Level – Learn all your lessons in one place

You probably have an ERP system for your logistical & financial data and a CRM system for your customer relationship data… but how are you managing all other business data?

You can take characteristics from each of those systems that will analyse very niche aspects of your business – are you neglecting your other data?

Similarly to individual departmental systems, this can force an organisation to be somewhat disjointed. Again, this becomes a headache for management and employees alike.

You may never get all of your data into one system, however using good BPM you can incorporate the bulk of your data into one system without compromising the necessary divides on a local departmental level. This in turn allows an overview and a tailored view of your data to learn all your lessons about your business in one single place.

Adapting your business strategy – Divide and conquer

Analyse your business dependencies, collect them and collaborate against them before you share the findings in your data! Take your business strategy to the next level by rectifying any weakness using good business process management.

Identify targets and weakness

There is no point in making the effort to collect data if you do nothing with it. This is a trap that many organisations fall into. Despite the fact they are doing everything correct up until the point of interpreting the data. This can be because they don’t have the resources or expertise to do so.

Of course, every business on the planet would like to believe they are 100% efficient in how they are managed and the processes they follow. Deep down, we all know that to be the best we have to identify areas where we can improve and a key component of that is to actually see those weaknesses easily.

It is also important to remember that business doesn’t grow just through negative correction. It is the setting of targets and objectives that gives your organisation a foresight to maintain its own higher standards.

An effective BPM solution will remove the headache after all the efforts of collecting the data. Using visual representations in the form of graphs, statistics and easy to understand data output, it will allow you to identify both of these key traits of good business management.

Having easy to use tools will remove the need for specialist analysts and allow everyone to understand the clear goals of your organisation. This in turn, saves time and money.

Innovate new ideas – dream of leaving the paper, for the cloud!

Using BPM to maintain what you already have is important and absolutely integral to your organisation. Where good BPM comes in is the ability for it to give you the opportunity to take a step forward, create and innovate new ideas & ways of thinking about your business.

Many professionals are committed to following processes and procedures for a variety of tasks but they are constricted by time consuming procedures – even down to passing a piece of paper to the colleague in the next room. These procedures may be effective and currently the most appropriate method but efficiency is paramount.

If the processes are brought into the modern day away from manual paper passing, using cloud software – it can keep the tasks simple, traceable and most importantly efficient.

Increased efficiency makes a great BPM tool, the perfect investment.

Free yourself and come to the cloud.