BizzMine is live!

Announcement Launch BizzMine

Today is a very important and exciting day for us: we are launching BizzMine.

For more than two years a great team has been working very hard to get the job done.

And now the time has come. The product is ready and we are launching.

Peter De Brabandere, Founder & CEO, announced the launch of BizzMine today.


Why do I need BizzMine?

There are 5 to 6 million SME's with more than 2 people on the payroll. A lot of these organizations already have an ERP or CRM system to keep track of logistic, financial and commercial data.

But a substantial part of business data doesn't fit into a CRM or ERP system.

That is why we have created BizzMine.

What is BizzMine?

BizzMine is built around three major concepts: Collect, Collaborate & Share. 

You start collecting data through forms that you can design yourself, without any coding. The responsive design of these forms work beautifully on laptops, desktops and mobile devices like tablets and phones.

People can collaborate on the registered data through a workflow that is very easy to draw and configure in a couple of minutes.

And finally, you can present your data on stunning dashboards with lists of data, graphical widgets, RSS feeds or HTML content.


Would you like to start a free 14-day trial? Buckle up and get started here.