Why Going Mobile with Data is a Win for Your Business

BizzMine Mobile interface

When you need to find something new – be it a restaurant for a friends surprise birthday party or a hotel in a new city how do you look for it?

You unlock your phone, which is most likely within a few inches of your hand, and open your favorite search engine, right?

Or even more likely you open an app that already has a search engine and crowd sourced ratings built in, targeted towards whatever it is you’re looking for.

Once you have a list of options, what comes next in your decision to take your business to a particular establishment? The reviews? The visual content? The ease of which you can filter all of the information provided to you while researching on your phone?

Chances are if a business provider doesn’t grab your attention with an easy to use mobile environment within the first 10 seconds you are going to scroll to the next one that does make it easy for you to understand their offering. If you come across a vendor that doesn’t have an online presence at all you’re nearly guaranteed not to bring your business there.

Mobile data
, easily accessible and interesting to read, is the life blood of nearly every industry. In a world of 24/7 news, targeted ads, and 140 character communication, capturing the attention of your consumer quickly then holding their attention until a transaction is made is both art and science and it’s getting harder and harder to do. A 2015 study found that our attention spans are now 8 secondsless than a goldfish!

Couple your need to engage customers with your employees need to efficiently balance personal and professional lives and the need for a seamless data system becomes all the more essential.

(regardless of how you want to define that generation) thrive on flexibility in their job execution and subscribe to a “bring-your-own-device” mentality. (i.e. as long as you have a mobile data infrastructure you don’t need to provide them with company devices, they will just start using it and do good work in the process.)

Employees with families
will struggle, and potentially leave full time work, if being tied to a desk interferes with caring for children and other home life activities. If they can get some work done in between a doctor’s appointment and soccer practice, all the better for them – and for your business goals.

Embracing intuitive cloud based data solutions is the way to empower your employees to be productive and fulfilled in their work while maintaining personal lives as well as lay the groundwork for an engaging mobile experience for your customers.

The ability to collect data – be it numerical reporting metrics or qualitative ideas for your next pitch – should be about the data itself. Everyone knows the pitfalls of excessive email or the “meeting before the meeting” spiral. If a standardized, globally accessible platform for data collection and submission is available to your workforce, people will be able to spend valuable time generating the data, thinking about the issues, and developing solutions. They will not spend their time figuring out how to compile disparate information sources into something useable.

Using the collected data for decision making
should also be intuitive and will again drive actual discussions working on the business, not in it. Determining workflow processes, then sharing them amongst the team and beyond, should be collaborative and engaging. Once that is complete, distribution of the products should be available anywhere so geographically separated entities can continue to be productive and the transition from internal company deliverables to engaging consumer interface is that much shorter.

As of 2014 the mobile to desktop tipping point was realized. Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report, summarized here, depicts numerous ways that mobile technology has overtaken traditional media usage. People (and thus also your employees) are increasingly relying on mobile devices to go about their daily lives. Because of that, businesses who do not embrace mobile data will fall behind. The great thing; however, is that extensive creativity in the mobile data arena allows you options on how to customize the mobile data experience, allowing you to successfully compete for and retain the best employees then capture the interest of your customers.

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