3 Reasons You Need a Better Way to Manage Your Business Workflow

Email overload

No one has time to wait any more. For anything. Questions are expected to be answered immediately and decisions have to be made rapidly.

Data is instantaneous and if it is not, it might as well not exist. In order to successfully keep your business up to speed and your employees fully engaged, your workflow processes need to react and keep pace with the rest of the always evolving digital world.

In order to do this, you must first identify issues - and chances are there are three things holding you back from truly optimizing your workflow.


1. Email is Slowing You Down

We live in the 21st century. We can communicate around the world in seconds through email. Attach documents, lay out a process, list questions, incite discussion via large group messages - its handles everything! It’s a marvelous thing, you don’t need anything but a list of email addresses to manage your business, right?

Wrong! But you knew that. Intellectually you understand that being tied to a desk to manage full inboxes and providing electronic leashes in the form of company cell phones to your employees does not help you effectively manage your business.

But what is the alternative? Yes there are data sharing services out there and you remind your employees of the benefits of an actual conversation in your quarterly meetings, but in the end, you resort to email and productivity stagnates.

2. Complex BPM Means It’s Not Getting Done

Eventually you decide to tackle the email problem. You have numerous target areas to reduce the crippling effect of constant email, and one of those areas is automated business process management. Instead of routing purchase requests or comment resolution matrices via email, you now want to use a BPM solution to accomplish these tasks and empower your employees to find more efficient ways of doing business via the package you purchased. But what is this activity function? How do I represent events? Why is a decision point governed by this list of rules I cannot change? When do I insert a human into the loop?

After significant research you decide that your BPM solution needs to be flexible enough to allow innovation and contingency plans but in order to use all of the features you need to send your users to a three day training course. All of a sudden your BPM solution plan to address the email issue is no longer looking like the path of least resistance. Your users don’t pick it up quickly, deadlines approach, BPM solution knowledge lacks and they go back to the old way of doing business via email. Your best laid plans have gone awry and you start to question buying an out of the box BPM tool.

3. Code is Expensive

Email is outdated. BPM tools are confusing and put to the side. What options do you have left? It appears that no ready-made solution is going to work for your particular area of expertise so you decide that you’ll just have to modify what you have and/or create your own.

Information technology and computer science degrees are popular so you have your pick of IT experts to hire onto the team. They will not only create your custom BPM solution, but encrypt and protect your network and your data. But now you are potentially paying for exceedingly high licensing fees for your initial BPM solution and up to $150 per hour for a programmer or two. Plus you will wait potentially 12 months for the design, development, and deployment of your specific code. These costs in both schedule and dollars add up and you’re back to square one.

So What is the Better Way?

Bizzmine has considered each of these challenges and developed a solution that allows you to collect, collaborate, and share without endless email, confusing interfaces, or necessary programming. Bizzmine helps you be creative and reduce BPM implementation cost.

The form designer works on all devices, including mobile ones, so you can get exactly the data you need.

The flow designer allows you to create those workflows without excessive features that will defeat its purpose.

Then it can be shared in graphic formats on all devices at any time, significantly reducing your need to communicate via email.

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Image: Flickr