What Are The Key Business Drivers Behind BPM & Workflow Projects?

There are many potential business drivers of a BPM implementation, the obvious reasons spring to mind; efficiency, performance and cost savings down the line.

Opinions of what the most important of those business drivers can change depending on who you speak to, so we will represent a few different ones.


The Key Business Drivers


Whatever your business type, there is always an output. It goes without saying that improvements in processes and the removal of the inefficiencies will increase production/service/time availability. This in turn leads to higher turnovers of products/services etc.


With good process management, an organization can gain in many ways; production, time, turnover etc. With the rewards of this, it is noticed from top to bottom – for example. If because work is allocated and managed within a process there is less time spent chasing people or missed deadlines, there will be an increase in available time. When work is not rushed the quality undoubtedly improves. Also, with stricter control over tasks and the responsibilities within a process this ensures that the correct tasks are performed by the correct people, at the correct time. Ensuring the highest quality output.

Reduce Risk and manage change impact

In the world of business, there are many frequent changes that can take hold of a business rapidly. This can be economic, market and consumer based for example. For a good business to survive they have to make sure that they can react to environmental changes in a calculated manner. Good process management enables a clear understanding of adaptations required to react appropriately to change and or risks to the business.

Eliminate deviation

It goes without saying, if you have your processes controlled, it prevents deviation by accident or otherwise. Steps, tasks and people are allocated according to your own custom specifications. This again is part of the cycle that will contribute to efficiency, productivity and in turn better business.


The culmination of all of the above and below business drivers ultimately leads to a better flow of your business. Removing inefficiencies and maximising your resources.


If your business expands, fantastic – you’re setting up offices nationwide and across the globe. If you do this, you want all offices and employees to meet your high standards that the business has been built upon. By having a good workflow tool and process management you can ensure this. With the right solution this should be easily done.

This is obviously not every business driver as there are many that will have more importance than others but this is a selection that represents the cycle of how they are all linked and complement each other. Thus benefiting your business.

The Facts

The key business driver according to - The state of Business Process Management 2013 survey – Celia Wolf & Paul Harmon, was the need to save money by reducing costs and/or improving productivity - according to 54% of all people surveyed. 

Discussion: What are the key business drivers behind you looking for the optimum way to manage your business processes? Let us know @BizzMine or by commenting below!