The Current BPM/Workflow Market

BPM software market

The practice of BPM and Workflow management is not brand new, of course – it has existed for as long as business has. Respective of that, the current enterprise workflow and business process market has a number of major enterprise players.

This ties in with where the problems begin.

The BPM and Workflow market is huge and what is available is largely varied. One thing that is for certain, is the fact it is growing massively; from SME’s to large organizations.

Forecasts for the market.

The sheer size (expected and current) is corroborated by market research firm - MarketsandMarkets, who predict that the BPM (workflow) market size will grow from $6.96 billion in 2016 to $13.52 billion by 2021, for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.2%

What is currently wrong with the market?

The current market is aimed towards the enterprise business. It is very much for large scale organizations, the small to medium sized businesses still require process management. As we know business processes are the foundation to any business regardless of size, this is largely where the current market falters. SME’s do not have 10’s and 100’s of thousands of dollars lying around to spend on a complex enterprise BPM solution, this forces them to use tools that do not meet their needs or the older methods which as we know are flawed.

Deployment & Hosting

Before you’ve even got started with your enterprise BPM software – you best have deep pockets. Typical enterprise solutions require huge amounts of physical and financial resources, not something most SME’s will have spare. The initial costs can spiral when you consider hosting costs (servers, set-up, installation, storage) and any additional licensing fees.

Some solutions may even require third party software like Microsoft Sharepoint, which again require specific licenses and again contribute to taking resources; technically, financially and physically (when you consider updates and maintenance to be undertaken).



The next issue is that an enterprise implementation is slow, hard work and requires technical experts to configure or code it to your organizational requirements. Slowing up the process considerably and adding to the (already) large bill for the project! With the coding involved you are going to either have to employ a team of hackers to build up your own solution or outsource the work to a service provider. Either way it will not be cheap and not only that, this would not include further updates to your system or general maintenance. With a typical enterprise implementation, you are looking at being 6 months – to a year down the road before you can use it.



During a survey by Celia Wolf & Paul Harmon for the article: The state of Business Process Management 2014 – it was revealed that in 2013, of those surveyed 46% spent between $500,000 - $50,000,000+ on BPM, process analysis, management, monitoring, redesign and improvement. Of course given the generic term this will not be directly attributed to the process management software. Though, the sums mentioned are staggering and with a comprehensive BPM/Workflow tool, could be considerably reduced.

Where does BizzMine differ? What can you expect from it?

We’re changing the rules and making workflow available to all, including small and medium sized businesses.

With the added benefits that we have seen the headaches of your enterprise solutions, we have worked closely with businesses over a period of 5 years to develop a comprehensive solution that doesn’t cost you huge amounts of time, resources or finance. 

Let's have a look at what BizzMine has to offer.

BizzMine works on any device!

BizzMine is blessed with a highly intuitive and responsive design that works across all platforms and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices


Short Implementation Time

No “hello world” after more than 6 months. With BizzMine we are talking  hours, or even minutes. 

BizzMine gets you started from the minute you log in, with wizards and overlays to ensure that you know where you are going and what you are doing. Following this, you will see a user-friendly environment to bring your workflows to life with ease.

Get up and running in seconds by simply downloading your desired process from our Solution Store, you can then use it as is or make any alterations that you require so that the process comprehensively meets your requirements.


Technical Knowledge – BizzMine is zero code!

BizzMine is user-friendly, easy to set-up and designed in a way that you require no technical knowledge to configure. Don’t worry, there are wizards to help you get started. BizzMine is code free thanks to a clean and responsive design, simply drag & drop to create your custom forms and workflows.


Dashboards presenting your data.

BizzMine doesn’t just show you data, it presents it. Thanks to stunning dashboards containing graphs, widgets and data lists that allow you to get a 360° overview of your business data, in one single place.


Will BizzMine be accessible to me?

BizzMine is a global company with offices in Asia, the America’s, United Kingdom and EMEA, so wherever you are in the world we’ve got you covered!


No Hosting & Maintenance costs – In the cloud!

BizzMine is hosted entirely in the cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform so you have all the performance and coverage without the costs, included for your monthly subscription. The Azure platform is fast, global, flexible and above all is completely secure! If your company grows, using the Azure platform we are fully scalable to meet your increased demands!


API for Data Exchange & 3rd-party Application integration

BizzMine is now even more flexible with a fantastic API, opening your data both ways. Whether to use your data externally to BizzMine or to bring data into BizzMine. Link BizzMine with your favourite applications to make it even better!


Affordable – Will It Break the Bank?

So… we take all the headaches away from you, make it easy to use – surely it is going to be more expensive than an enterprise solution, no? No! BizzMine is available at a reasonable fee of just $25 dollars per month per user!

The pricing plan from BizzMine allows you to maximise the potential of your business data without draining your financial resources.


What are the most important aspects or features to you and your business?  Which BizzMine feature are you most excited about? Tweet us @BizzMine and join the discussion!