The importance of scalability with your workflow software: Process management to grow your business and grow with it.

Software Scalability

Why is scalability important?

Scalability is the key component of business growth, it is the aim, prediction and actualization of expansion in general terms.

For process management software, scalability is important to ensure that the demands of the business are not limited by the performance of the software, should expansion and requirements increase. Typically, this can be processing speed or simply storage of data.


What is a good range for a starting point of a system and potential growth?


This depends entirely on your needs and generally you should implement a system the meets your current requirements with a slight margin for increase, subject to your own expectations and forecasts.

You should discuss this with your solution provider when getting preliminary information, you should be clear on the strategy and details around future expansion – as well as how the system can cope with additional stressors.


How does BizzMine react to the need for scale?


BizzMine is very flexible to your requirements in terms of providing a service to suit you. The initial platform enables smaller businesses to use a secure environment on a shared cloud, which you to have your own environment at a fraction of the cost.

As your business grows with BizzMine, we offer the potential for expansion to your own private cloud should you require such size. Of course partitions can be increased or decreased as required.

Furthermore, should you open an office in a new location, either nationwide or in an alternative country - then BizzMine can match that demand with servers accessible across the globe, with high speed connections - wherever you are. Including offices in North America, Asia, EMEA and the UK.


How BizzMine utilizes the Azure platform.


One of the major reasons enhancing BizzMine’s ability to deliver against your requirements, is the fact that it runs using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

At BizzMine, we needed to be able to increase capacity easily and quickly, without the extensive management of hardware or virtual machines. Another benefit for us is that the Azure platform takes the burden of maintenance and upgrades away. Allowing our focus to be entirely on our excellent product delivery.


What are the primary benefits of this for the customer?


As subscribers and their businesses grow, usage increases, the Azure platform allows us to handle progressive expansion, easily. The gradual expansion means costs to the customer are kept low and to an absolute minimum.

The Azure platform is high speed and global, meaning that we can provide our service across the globe. Additionally, if you have a global organization already then you can easily share and collaborate your resources.


Microsoft’s Azure platform boasts the latest technology and this includes security.


The security of BizzMine in Azure.

Microsoft Azure has the following features that provide a substantial and sophisticated security to the customer.


Key aspects of the Azure security are the following:


Design and operational security

Microsoft Cloud security begins with a trustworthy technology foundation. Microsoft designs its software for security from the ground up and helps ensure that the cloud infrastructure is resilient to attack. We use an “assume breach” stance as a security strategy, and our global incident-response team works around the clock to mitigate the effects of any attacks against the Microsoft Cloud. These practices are backed by centers of excellence that fight digital crime, respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities in Microsoft software, and combat malware.




Technological safeguards, such as encrypted communications and operational processes, enhance the security of our customers’ data. For data in transit, the Microsoft Cloud uses industry-standard encrypted transport protocols between user devices and Microsoft datacenters, and within datacenters themselves. For data at rest, the Microsoft Cloud offers a wide range of encryption capabilities up to AES-256, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that best meets your needs.



Identity and access management

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that helps secure access to your data and on-premises and cloud applications, and simplifies the management of users and groups. It combines core directory services, advanced identity governance, security, and application access management, and is a key component of Microsoft Cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Office 365 as well as thousands of third-party SaaS apps. Azure Active Directory also makes it easy for developers to build policy-based identity management into their applications.



Security Development Lifecycle

Microsoft recognizes that focusing on security as a core component in the software development process can reduce the risk of costly issues, improve the security and privacy of infrastructure and applications, and protect data in the Microsoft Cloud. The SDL is composed of proven security practices that consist of multiple phases in which core software assurance activities are defined.

Details from Microsoft 


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