Business Process Management software to collect, collaborate and share your data.


BizzMine is Online Business Process Management Software - looking after the data that is either not structured in your organization already, or is scattered and not collectively managed.

Our Business Process Management Software enables you to manage your organizational data in one convenient place, in the Cloud.

Best of all it’s easy to use, no coding needed!


Form designer icon

Form designer

The Form designer lets you create great looking forms that work on all devices including phones and tablets.


Flow designer icon

Flow designer

The Flow designer allows you to draw powerful workflow processes in just a couple of minutes. 


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Create and share stunning dashboards that combine great charts, data tables, HTML content and more.

Avoid the typical software headaches...

Hosting & Maintenance costs

BizzMine is hosted entirely in the cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform, so you have no costs except for your monthly subscription.



BizzMine goes wherever you go. Equipped with a responsive design to fit your computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

Technical Knowledge

BizzMine is user-friendly, easy to set-up and designed in a way that you require no technical knowledge to configure. Don’t worry, there are wizards to help you get started.


Data Presentation

Present your Business Process Management data in charts, visualize it using BizzMine to analyze and address areas of opportunity for things such as targets or improvements.

Missed Tasks

You and your co-workers are busy, email inboxes are overflowing and sometimes important tasks are missed. Using BizzMine’s Business Process Management, allocate and manage workflow processes for optimum efficiency. Best of all, we won’t add to the email overload – BizzMine has inbuilt notifications.



If you collaborate and centralize your business data, this means one single point of maintenance for your data. You do not have to repeatedly update the same records across multiple points. With easy configurable input and a clean structured output, BizzMine improves the workflow of your data.

BizzMine can handle any of the following typical processes (and much more!)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Service Requests
  • Holiday Requests
  • Risk Management
  • Request for Quotation
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Job Application Management
  • Incident Management
  • Expenses
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Enquiries
  • Customer Complaints