Better safety and quality management with VARIO at Lareco


Lareco NV is a construction company that has specialized since 1975 in infrastructure facilities, projects, road construction, waterway construction, environmental engineering and ground and concrete works. They maintain very close contact with their customers, thereby ensuring the success of all their projects.

We have been using the VARIO Online software application to manage our VCA Petrochemical and ISO 9001 care systems for a long time. Thanks to VARIO Online, our safety and quality care systems really ‘live’ in our company.

Not only do our Prevention Advisor, our ISO Manager, and I work with VARIO every day, but our Personnel Department, Equipment Manager, and Warehouse staff also use the software. They all have their own log-ins, profiles, and rights in the system. With the enthusiastic training that VARIO provides and the user-friendliness of the software, it is very easy for everyone to work with it.

We think that the fact that different people can work at the same time in one central, well-organized system is extremely efficient. Everyone does their part, and I maintain control and an overview of their work and our care systems.

With VARIO, the headaches of those static, endless lists that were never up-to-date are long gone

In short, the monitoring of our safety and quality care system is now so much easier.

Bringing the Deming Circle and the continuous improvement process into practice is wholly applicable. VARIO automatically creates reports and statistics making it much easier and quicker to perform analyses and define points for improvement.

As a matter of fact, the Procurement Department, our Project Leaders, and our Director all regularly use VARIO. Now, we even project VARIO during our weekly meetings to quickly get an overview of the equipment per work site, the outstanding actions to be addressed, etc.

As for the implementation and management of VARIO, I can say that they are very knowledgeable, very dedicated, and perform their work very efficiently.


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