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Royal Bel Leerdammer

Leerdammer cheese is well known all over the globe and is produced in the factories of Royal Bel Leerdammer B.V. in the Netherlands. This cheese producer is part of the international Bel Group, known for branded cheeses such as The Laughing Cow (La Vache qui rit), Babybel and Boursin.

Royal Bel Leerdammer has implemented the BizzMine workflow platform for the automation of various business processes. The processes for customer request, material creation, new investment, disinvestment and invoice validation are completely streamlined in BizzMine. Non conformity workflow will become active soon and some other processes are following.

 BizzMine does what it says it does.

Royal Bel Leerdammer is satisfied with the user experience of BizzMine: “The layout makes it easy for every user to work with and the system is simple to understand. The platform is very flexible and adapts to the type of process, from simple to complex. The multilingual character of BizzMine and the support in Dutch are useful advantages.”

More key features, especially for the use of forms, are welcome for Royal Bel Leerdammer. BizzMine tastes like more!


Said Azaaj, Master Data Expert
Royal Bel Leerdammer

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Royal Bel Leerdammer

Christeyns France

Originally a soap factory, Christeyns now produces high-end hygiene solutions for the professional textile care, the food processing & retail, professional cleaning and the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

What started as a Flemish family business in Ghent has grown into a multinational organization with subsidiaries around the world. The 2 subsidiaries in France have chosen to integrate the BizzMine workflow platform to simplify its quality management. Elisa Bono, the Quality Manager, has been using the software for over a year and shares her experience with us.

At the moment, the Quality department uses BizzMine for its management of complaints, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) and audits. The BizzMine platform has proven to be the ideal application to automate processes in this area and to streamline information between departments. We can perfectly follow actions in relation to requests and frame internal requests. System responsiveness and data traceability make the software a very fluid tool.

 With BizzMine we can follow our action plans.

From the very start of the implementation of BizzMine, Christeyns France was very active in the creation of processes, even if - being one of the first followers of BizzMine - they did not yet have the current elaborate manual. Introduced as a digital solution for the Quality department, BizzMine has meanwhile also been introduced in IT and marketing. And since the key concept of the electronic signature is currently available, they plan to adopt BizzMine for the simplification of Human Resources management.

 It’s not our organization that has to adapt to BizzMine, it’s BizzMine that adapts to our organization.

Elisa Bono, Quality Manager

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In 2020 Laurastar celebrates its 40th anniversary with the relocation of the international headquarters to a new building and the opening of a new factory.

Laurastar is the leading brand in professional ironing systems committed for textile care and against planned obsolescence. A permanent requirement of very high quality, precision and aesthetics making this Swiss know-how a world reference.

 Laurastar trusts BizzMine for document management and quality.

After an evaluation of BizzMine, Bpm’online and MS SharePoint, Laurastar opted to implement BizzMine, the new software of a stable company with 25 years of experience, for its management of documents and processes related to quality certification.

We visited Laurastar’s global headquarters to ask the Quality and IT manager about their experience with BizzMine.

“Initially, Laurastar mainly needed and electronic solution to manage all procedures and instructions for ISO certification. Using BizzMine we have found that it is also the perfect tool for our internal audits. For example, we have created solutions in BizzMine for our supplier entry controls.”

 The installation and implementation of the first processes went very quickly.

“The installation and implementation of the first processes went very quickly. Being able to work with the system within a few days convinced everyone. In BizzMine users know exactly how to create and adapt the processes themselves, without any programming knowledge. BizzMine is a user-friendly and powerful solution.” As an expert in user experience, at Laurastar they know perfectly what an intelligent product is.

To the question if it would be interesting to manage calibration in BizzMine, the answer was “so much the better if it is possible.”

Laurastar is also very satisfied with the service provided: training, support… everything is running efficiently and quickly, and this help is clearly a valuable asset.


Alexandra Vlachou, Quality Manager

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CryoConcepts is a company that manufactures cryosurgical devices under the guidance of FDA and ISO regulations for use by health care professionals. Because of the company structure where employees are decentralized with some located in other countries, a brick and mortar approach to the Quality System Documentation Control would have been difficult to implement and maintain. With that in mind, an internet-based cloud approach to a shared system was adopted early as one of the company’s philosophies.

The Document Control Module is a perfect fit for ours needs. Early in the life of CryoConcepts, we implemented the Document Control Module to support the structure for our Quality Management System. It houses our quality system documents and design files.

We make extensive use of the change control and revision tracking capabilities already built into the system. Use of the Document Control Module has streamlined our document assessment, approval and publication processes providing our employees secure access over the internet enabling us to put the most current documents into effect quickly and efficiently.

Another valuable aspect of the Document Control Module is that a computer with internet access is all that is needed to implement and access the system. BizzMine takes care of the rest. We did not have the upfront capital costs of hardware (servers, routers, etc) nor software. We’ve also saved on personnel costs by teaming with BizzMine. They take care of the day-to-day tasks of help desk, system maintenance, backups, disaster recovery preparedness, etc.

As an early stage company, our employees wear multiple hats.

 Having BizzMine provide support for the Quality System infrastructure has freed us up to concentrate on growing the business.


Larry Fishler, Director of Operations

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Carbogen Amcis

The production and it’s facilities need to comply to high standards from legislation on pharmaceuticals productions. Within the quality system CAPA-management (corrective action and preventive action), Complaints and Management of Change (MoC) are important processes that have to fulfill to GMP, ISO and FDA requirements.

These processes have been executed in a paper-based system. With the BizzMine workflow module the CAPA and MoC processes have been made ‘paperless’ and is compliant to the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures).

 It has been proved that both the software and the customized applications are able to be qualified for use in a pharmaceuticals environment.

With a good preparation on the design of the forms and workflows, BizzMine was able to implement both CAPA and MoC application within two days.

The necessary but limited need of support after the Implementation responded to quickly and excellent by BizzMine. The workflow module has reduced the workload and risks on important regulatory aspects.


Jeroen de Jong, Manager QHSE

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