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Automate your business processes with workflow and digital forms.
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Automate your business processes with workflow and digital forms. Ready to build your organization’s future for the innovation age?

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An enterprise workflow management system elevates organizational operations and ensures that your business stays on the continuing path to growth

We give you 9 good ways how workflow can change your business:

  1. Get a perfect insight into your business processes.
  2. Identify and avoid redundancy.
  3. Minimize chaos and mistakes.
  4. Improve communication and efficiency.
  5. Increase accountability and reduce micromanagement.
  6. Provide better customer service.
  7. Ensure compliance and provide valuable audit trails.
  8. Have everyone performing their tasks correctly and reliably.
  9. And... save time and money.

The flexible BizzMine workflow platform is the perfect application to automate your business processes.

Creating and validating automated business workflows have probably never been easier.

– Nicklas Helgesson, Experienced QA Manager

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Why BizzMine is better for workflow than MS SharePoint

Bizzmine versus SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a portal where users can share information with each other. The tight integration with Microsoft Office allows people to simultaneously collaborate on documents. This is why a lot of organizations have chosen to implement SharePoint. But when you try to deploy more complex business processes, you soon find out that MS SharePoint is not the ideal workflow platform. And since Microsoft is terminating the support for InfoPath, it really makes sense to start looking at alternative options.

The creation of workflow in MS SharePoint is very complex and time-consuming and maintaining your MS SharePoint customisation is definitely not easy.

BizzMine is the better alternative for workflow. You can choose the On-Premises version or you can opt for the cloud version which frees you from installation and maintenance headaches.

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Replace IBM Notes with BizzMine

Bizzmine versus SharePoint

Many medium-sized and large companies still rely on applications made in IBM (Lotus) Notes. This platform enabled teams of people to collect, collaborate and share documents, forms and basic workflows. 

Today this technology is outdated and, since IBM sold Notes in 2018 to the Indian company HCL a lot of companies are looking for an alternative.

Some companies are tempted to implement MS SharePoint, which might be a good choice for document management, but definitely not for workflows.

With the flexible BizzMine Form editor you can create simple and complex forms without coding and in no time. Discover all of BizzMine's key features.

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