Action Management

Manage the implementation of tasks, to-do's and actions (CAPA) in BizzMine with a powerful BPM workflow engine that controls the flow of your action process to your own specifications and requirements.

Maximize the process performance, efficiency and end-result.

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Audit Management

Manage and conduct internal and external audits.

Make your internal audits proficient, maximize business output and ensure that your organizational objectives are met in accordance with regulatory bodies or internal aims.

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Customer Complaints

A dedicated process to comprehensively manage customer complaints and feedback within your organization.

BizzMine allows you to systematically investigate all customer complaints and thanks to the stunning dashboards, you can recognize trends, causes and patterns.

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Incident Management

An incident is an event that causes operational issues (regardless of severity); business property or an entity is damaged, broken/faulty, unwell, absent etc.

Incident management is required to ensure that any such issue is dealt with comprehensively and swiftly to ensure that operational impact is kept to an absolute minimum

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Internal Complaints

This BizzMine solution facilitates the recording, management and resolution of your organizations internal complaints.

Once your data is collected, you can configure stunning dashboards that allow you to see charts, trends and data presentation.

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Supplier Complaints

Any deviations or complications with suppliers can lead to significant impact your own service delivery and in turn your customer satisfaction.

It is therefore essential that the management of supplier complaints is complete and any trends or causes are monitored accordingly. Through BizzMine you take control of supplier complaints, evaluating causes, impact and resolution – aiding compliance and performance by your organization is not compromised.

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Purchase Requests

This BizzMine solution enables the smooth administration of purchase requests (PO) from start to finish. Purchase orders have been an integral part of large organizations for a long, long time. However, they require significant resources – both time and people power to configure and process.

Now, thanks to BizzMine your organization, large or small can implement a comprehensive and easy to use PO procedure in minimal time.

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