Audit Management

Workflow software to manage and conduct internal and external audits.


Maximize the process performance, efficiency and end-result.

Manage your organizational data in one convenient place, in the cloud.

Best of all it’s easy to use, no coding needed!


Audit Management

Manage and conduct internal and external audits. Provide complete audit information; from tasks to be completed, the recording of findings – positives or improvement opportunities.

Raise CAPA’s linked to audits and monitor progress of all the actions raised. Optimize your audit processes to ensure compliance against key requirements, whilst ensuring delivery of your own high standards. See a 360° overview of all audit information, corrective actions and trends.

In today’s business regulatory compliance is more stringent, inflexible and complex than ever before – with most business areas under intense scrutiny by inspectors and auditors similarly.


A good process management of your internal audits enables you to coordinate the following:

  • Standardized audit entries
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Technical/Specialists are allocated to appropriate audits
  • Processes are compliant to standard governing bodies requirements
  • Data entry control (limitation -read only or hidden fields, mandatory fields, user access)
  • Aligned business data for easy analysis and statistical overview
  • Complete record of audits undertaken and historical data
  • Identify inefficiencies in procedures in turn boosting performance and output
  • Centralize your audit data
  • Custom forms for specialist areas or departments


Make your internal audits proficient, maximize business output and ensure that your organizational objectives are met in accordance with regulatory bodies or internal aims.



From A to Z. And everywhere in-between.

BizzMine is a flexible workflow solution that will take your audit management processes to the next level.

Minor or major changes to the processes no longer requires a technical expert. With the user-friendly Flow Designer it only takes a matter of minutes, not days, months or even years to make changes to your workflow process.


Flexible Audit Form

BPM that is flexible to you.

Using BizzMine’s form designer you can get your audit data captured in your preferred way. You and your co-workers are used to specific audit forms and methods for data entry, so why change? Add the desired fields to your internal or external audit form with only a few clicks.

Some systems may force you to fit your information into their own rigid format. At BizzMine – we know every organization handles data in different ways. Therefore, we’d rather be flexible to you, than force your information into BizzMine.



Don’t just “show” your data, present it

Data capture is integral to a solid audit management but the interpretation of the audit data is often neglected. At BizzMine we offer you bespoke, easily customizable (by you) dashboards to display your audit data in an array of ways. 

The preconfigured dashboards visualize a 360° overview of all audit information, corrective actions and trends.



Wherever you go, BizzMine goes.

BizzMine is blessed with an intuitive, responsive design. Had to leave the office but want to finalize that final task? On the commute home and want to see statistics on the follow-up of your actions? With BizzMine you can.

BizzMine is fully compatible with laptops (computers), phones and tablets with a responsive design to react to your screen size for optimal usage, no matter where you are. BizzMine lets you take work out of the office walls.


Did you know?

Businesses surveyed by the IAA Research Foundation regarding practices in quality assurance (QA) responded with the following information regarding what the priority QA practices carried out are:

  Checklists (and/or) manuals to provide assurance that the correct audit processes are followed.


  Engagement supervision.


  Feedback from audit customers at the end of an audit.


Other practices included:

Ensuring internal auditors are in compliance with the IIA’s code of ethics.

30%  Performing reviews by other members of the internal audit activity.

28%  Verifying that the internal audit activity complies with the standards.

20%  Conducting reviews by an external party.

19%  Complying with non-IIA standards or codes.


Good process management should incorporate all of the above best practices and a good workflow solution should match fulfil that.