Say hello to the BizzMine team!

The BizzMine team is made up of experienced IT professionals who have joined from a wide range of backgrounds and previous roles. As an international organization we have BizzMine evangelists in Europe, the UK & Ireland, the America’s and Asia.

BizzMine Dev Team2In more than 20 years the BizzMine team has built up workflow and document management expertise through many different industry practices and implementations. This knowledge allows the team to be flexible, understanding and adaptive to the varied requirements across different sectors.

The BizzMine product itself has been created by BizzMine’s very own analysts and coding ninjas. Our development team has brought those original ideas to life using the latest web development technologies and skills. These skills have enabled them to produce a modern and comprehensive web application.


BizzMine Customer Success TeamThe BizzMine engine has been beautifully wrapped up by our user interface (UI) designers, who have blessed BizzMine with a highly responsive and clean interface. This makes BizzMine a desirable tool to work with and a stunning home for your business data.

Once you begin your BizzMine journey, we have our dedicated customer success team. Our customer success team are here to support you in any way they can, providing technical support and helpful hints to get you from A to B-izzMine.