What should you look for in a workflow software solution?

Software Solution

How do you choose the right software?

There is no definitive guide to choosing the correct process management software, unfortunately. However, we can advise you on what you should look for, what to avoid and what is a core component of a comprehensive solution.

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The importance of scalability with your workflow software: Process management to grow your business and grow with it.

Software Scalability

Why is scalability important?

Scalability is the key component of business growth, it is the aim, prediction and actualization of expansion in general terms.

For process management software, scalability is important to ensure that the demands of the business are not limited by the performance of the software, should expansion and requirements increase. Typically, this can be processing speed or simply storage of data.

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The Current BPM/Workflow Market

BPM software market

The practice of BPM and Workflow management is not brand new, of course – it has existed for as long as business has. Respective of that, the current enterprise workflow and business process market has a number of major enterprise players.

This ties in with where the problems begin.

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What Are The Key Business Drivers Behind BPM & Workflow Projects?

There are many potential business drivers of a BPM implementation, the obvious reasons spring to mind; efficiency, performance and cost savings down the line.

Opinions of what the most important of those business drivers can change depending on who you speak to, so we will represent a few different ones.

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BizzMine launches Solution Store & API

BizzMine Solution Store

BizzMine is launching two exciting new features to further enhance its comprehensive Workflow Solution.

Built on the agile Microsoft Azure platform, BizzMine has added to its initial workflow product by adding API integration to offer expandability and compatibility for its users, with the added bonus of a Solution Store to reduce implementation time and supplement existing systems.

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Workflow - The Current Management of Business Processes

Many people will not be aware of business processes as a specific term, of course this is a varied term that can be interpreted in many different ways.

You may have forms that are written out on paper and handed to someone, either a tray or a desk and each form is manually processed, then typed up. The most common method that many people will know is the never-ending flooding of your email inboxes.

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Automation & Tools: What is workflow software?

Workflow software is an application that enables an organization to a certain level to automate and manage their business processes. The software allows for guided execution of day to day processes, task allocation and business management.

The software can be provided in a variety of manners and ways. This, with individual interpretations of what a comprehensive workflow solution should be, means that there are many variations of workflow software out there.

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Taking things step by step: An introduction to workflow.

Workflow is often described in many different ways. This is largely due to the wide range of topics associated with workflow and as a result it can be difficult to define.

In this blog article we ask the questions; What do other people define as workflow? How can we recognise workflow? What are the practical examples of workflow? What is workflow to you? 

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Visit BizzMine at Tech Crunch - Disrupt San Francisco

Come and visit us in our startup booth at Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco - Startup Alley and find out what BizzMine can do for you!

The BizzMine Team; CEO Peter De Brabandere & USA General Manager Chris Burke will be happy to have a chat with you.

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Looking back on the BizzMine Road Show - Part 1

The BizzMine Roadshow

To support the “soft launch” of BizzMine on the 27th of April 2016, we had scheduled a small roadshow across Europe and Asia. And looking back, it was a great decision!

Thanks to the great conversations with more than 500 people we received a lot of valuable feedback, which helps us to move forward with the roll-out of BizzMine. The BizzMine Roadshow gave us the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of potential customers & partners, press and even investors, although we have no plans for a next (external) investment round.

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BizzMine Partner Network

Singapore Board Partner Network

The BizzMine board sat together in Singapore yesterday to finalize the framework of the BizzMine Partner Network.


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3 Reasons You Need a Better Way to Manage Your Business Workflow

Email overload

No one has time to wait any more. For anything. Questions are expected to be answered immediately and decisions have to be made rapidly.

Data is instantaneous and if it is not, it might as well not exist. In order to successfully keep your business up to speed and your employees fully engaged, your workflow processes need to react and keep pace with the rest of the always evolving digital world.

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Why Going Mobile with Data is a Win for Your Business

BizzMine Mobile interface

When you need to find something new – be it a restaurant for a friends surprise birthday party or a hotel in a new city how do you look for it?

You unlock your phone, which is most likely within a few inches of your hand, and open your favorite search engine, right?

Or even more likely you open an app that already has a search engine and crowd sourced ratings built in, targeted towards whatever it is you’re looking for.

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BizzMine is live!

Announcement Launch BizzMine

Today is a very important and exciting day for us: we are launching BizzMine.

For more than two years a great team has been working very hard to get the job done.

And now the time has come. The product is ready and we are launching.

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The Countdown Has Begun

Countdown Launch BizzMine

The launch of BizzMine is near.

The countdown has begun.

Stay tuned!

Visit BizzMine on Web Summit in Lisbon

Web Summit 2016 Lisbon

Come and visit us in our startup booth on Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon and find out what BizzMine can do for you!

The BizzMine Team will be happy to have a chat with you.

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Why You Need to Optimize the Flow of Data for Your Business

Flow Data Business

Collecting data throughout your business is an excellent first step to analyzing and improving processes and workflow.

But with hundreds of thousands of data points on offer for most businesses, there's little point in collating this data unless you're able to optimize it in to a format that is usable for you and your management team.

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Visit BizzMine on the Antwerp Startup Fair

Startup Fair Antwerp

Antwerp is home to a vibrant, active and fast-growing startup scene with a wide range of startup activities.

The city and their partners joined forces to bring the first Belgian Startup Fair to Antwerp. 

Antwerp Startup Fair offers an opportunity for corporates to discover innovative solutions for their problems.


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BPM: Leaving the paper for the cloud

Paper to cloud BPM

BPM is at the heart of every organisation whether it is directly considered or not, on a global and local level.

Regardless of business size.

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BizzMine on InnovFest Unbound in Singapore

InnovFest Unbound Singapore 2016

Come and visit us in our booth on InnovFest Unbound 2016 in Singapore and find out what BizzMine can do for you!

Peter De Brabandere (Founder/CEO) and Victor Wong (BizzMine Asia) will be happy to have a chat with you.

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BizzMine Animated Explainer Video

BizzMine Explainer video

Getting closer to the launch of BizzMine, and we are pretty excited!

Here is a teaser to warm you up: check out our short animated explainer video.

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Managing Security Incidents Better with Workflow Automation

Security Workflow

As businesses increasingly take their brands online, as security incidents increasingly migrate from physical threats within an office or via a paper trail to cyber threats from home and abroad, managing security incidents within any business, small or large, has become a critical part of the work business owners and managers must undertake.

It’s no longer acceptable or sustainable to be reactive as opposed to proactive with your business’ cyber security, and that’s why so many businesses who transact online, store customer or partner information online, or who simply communicate private information via the Web now put security at the top of their agendas on a regular basis.

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5 Signs Your Business Needs Workflow Automation Software

BizzMine Collect Collaborate Share

You know what works best for your customers, your stakeholders, your staff and your profits. It's why you set expectations. And it's why you set processes.

As humans, we like to stretch and adjust processes to fit our own individual profiles, to suit us and place ourselves inside our comfort zones.

But while this is effective for one individual, it isn't effective for our team, for our customers, and often isn't effective for the business we work for.

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BizzMine on Rise Conference Hong Kong

Rise Hong Kong

Come and visit us in our startup booth on Rise Conference Europe 2016 in Hong Kong and find out what BizzMine can do for you!

Peter De Brabandere (Founder/CEO), Sibren Missiaen (COO), Victor Wong (BizzMine Asia) & Hiren Gandhi (BizzMine UK & India) will be happy to have a chat with you.

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BizzMine on TNW in Amsterdam

TNW Amsterdam

Come and visit us in our startup booth on TNW Conference Europe 2016 (The Next Web) in Amsterdam (NL).

Peter De Brabandere (Founder/CEO), Sibren Missiaen (COO) & Hiren Gandhi (Manager UK & India) will be happy to have a chat with you.

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Why Are Business Processes Needed?

Business Processes

Business processes and good business process management will safeguard the smooth day to day running of essential tasks, ensuring that they are carried out in a consistent, high standard. Without business processes, how would any employee know what to do? 


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BizzMine on WebTomorrow in Ghent (Belgium)

WebTomorrow Ghent Bloovi

Come and visit us in our startup booth on WebTomorrow in Ghent (Belgium).

Peter De Brabandere (Founder/CEO), Sibren Missiaen (COO), Jordy Gouwy (Account Manager) and key members of the R&D team will be happy to have a chat with you.

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How To Create A Smooth Workflow

labyrinth workflow

Are your staff walking around looking dazed and confused, more than usual that is?

Maybe you have caught a few hitting their heads against their desks. Look, they may be into that, and if so, just back away quietly and slowly.

If not, it may be time to look at your internal workflows with a view to improving efficiency, lessening frustration and distraction, not to mention medical expenses.

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BizzMine Sneak Preview Event

On the 10th of March 2015 Peter De Brabandere (CEO) & the BizzMine team officially presented a sneak preview of BizzMine to an audience of invitees in Kinepolis Antwerp (Belgium). 

BizzMine Team   BizzMine Preview Event