We are very pleased to announce that as of today we welcome Herman De Prins as non-executive Chairman of the Board of BizzMine.

We are looking forward to a common interesting future.


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Fortino Capital Partners, a Benelux-based growth investor in B2B software, has decided to invest in BizzMine to accelerate its growth.

Both parties look forward to a common future.


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Resilience in hard times can be useful for the future.

This was clear to us after a dramatic event.

And of course, covid-19 has accelerated the importance of remote work.

In this blog, you'll find that the digital transformation is now.


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How to choose QMS software that grows with my company?

What's the importance of a zero-code platform ?

Should Quality software be fixed our configurable?

In this blog you'll find that the truth lies in the middle.


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What are the core concepts of an efficient quality system?

Why should you digitize your QMS?

The answer to these questions is plain and simple.

Choosing the right quality software for a successful digital story however, is not always easy.

This blog is a useful 6-step guide.


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Microsoft SharePoint was initially developed as a portal where users can share information with each other.

The tight integration with Microsoft Office allows people to simultaneously collaborate on documents.

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of organisations have chosen to implement SharePoint.

But when you try to deploy more complex business processes, you soon find out that Microsoft SharePoint is not the ideal workflow platform…


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The Scheduling Agent is an optional extension of the BizzMine workflow module.

With this option, you can let BizzMine do the work for you.

Instead of registering them manually on a daily, weekly, monthly... basis, you can automate your processes and get de the work done. 


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Are you looking to implement or improve your current quality assurance practices?

Start giving some thought to what these 3 fundamentals may be.

Keep reading, the solution for your organization may be right in front of you.


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"Good is just not Good Enough. Excellence endures!"

This is the powerful personal slogan of Peter De Brabandere, Founder/CEO of BizzMine.

He explains what the idea is behind the slogan that he started using more than 20 years ago.

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Every organization at some point, needs to look to what they do, and how they do it.

Current quality assurance methods used, as well as documenting ”what you do” is essential for progress with compliance related matters.


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Organizations are making significant advances when it comes to inviting strategic partnerships.

The reality that companies can achieve a mutual benefit from aligning goals is unmistakable, and seen by some as a prerequisite for continued success.

Entering into supplier partnerships can be an exciting and purposeful adventure, however the road to enlightenment has some pitfalls that can be hazardous, if you’re not careful.


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If we take a moment to think of the top five things that a business struggles with, customer retention has to be near the lead.

We spend so much time trying to lure new business, only to discover we are then riding a roller-coaster of repeat business uncertainty.

It’s definitely a challenge for any organization in these competitive times, and so it should be.

I don’t think there are too many industries who can afford to adopt the mindset of “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else”.

Your rivals will love that. So will their bank balance.

Who knows? Maybe your organization is ridiculously successful, and doesn’t want, or need the business. If so, congratulations, however you probably won’t be interested in reading this. For the rest of us, we may need a little guidance on how customers, and their experiences can contribute significantly to our success.


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For those in the life sciences industry, audits are a normal and consistent part of their world.

Regulatory compliance means all eyes must be focused on product safety and quality. 

We all take protection for granted, but it is standards such as FDA (21 CFR Part 11), GxP, and ISO 9001 that give business, and the consumer a sense of confidence and security.

So, what about your life science organization? Is the intention there, but your knowledge in need of fine tuning?


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The way in which we all do business has slowly but surely evolved over time, and with evolution comes a need for greater regulatory conformity.

Time marches on, and inevitably there comes a time for review and acceptance of a new range of guidelines.

Yes, just as it seemed safe to go back into the water, many business owners are dragged forward out of the land of complacency into the brave new world of change and modification. 

So, how do you keep up?


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Customer dissatisfaction is never a nice occurrence for any business.

Nonetheless, it does exist, and within some industries, is growing at an alarming rate. 

Customers are increasingly demanding, and expect a great deal more than we may recall from previous years.


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The need for a scientific element in today’s medicine and criminology is well known, and it is this awareness that has assisted the creators of modern software to develop an understanding of competencies required in the field.

The world of forensics invokes a few thoughts in most people’s minds, but without getting too technical, the science of forensics has originated from the principles of repeatable processes and worthiness of evidence.


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What price would you put on time? Can its worth even be quantified?

Sure, there’s the time of external advisors you’ve brought in to offer advice and consultation.

A by-the-hour cost to the company is certainly relatable to time, but surprisingly many organizations fail to see time itself as a commodity, or with a significance just as vital as any other product or service.


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Quality assurance relies on people, but we in turn depend on it. QA dedicated personnel, and management alike, need to be able to access adequate data, to enable sound business decisions to be made. 

Visibility in reporting is key to this central requirement. So what do you need to facilitate this?  Here we will look at some things to identify, introduce, or at least keep in mind, and also things to be aware of that can, by their sheer presence, reduce focus on this topic.

Does your organization need an eye exam?

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Who do these people think they are, with their expensive suits and cheap shoes, eyeballing your business and its inner most sanctity?

It’s true. Auditors do tend to make people tense and resentful, mainly due to the inconvenience, but also due to fear associated with the unknown. Whether it’s an internal or external audit, these are pretty normal emotions, but an audit can also work to your advantage by revealing things that can reduce friction and improve performance. Sound like a well-tuned engine? Exactly.

So unbolt the door, and call off the hounds. This may be just what your business needs.

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With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics making us aware just how many workplace accidents are happening out there, every organization needs to have solid, commonsense procedures, combined with modern accessibility systems to manage incidents correctly.

Not only are paper based management systems cumbersome and a truly outdated way of record keeping, they cost more in dollar terms than you may want to know.

It’s easier than you might think to move from paper to online, and you’ll be relieved at the time, not to mention the aggravation for your people you save. 

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