Inspections and surveys

Ensure seamless HSE management by digitising and centralising inspection and audit processes.

The importance of automated inspections and surveys  

In a world where accuracy and compliance are vital, inspections and surveys are an essential part of business operations.

In a structured way, you can conduct and track safety, quality, and environmental reviews. In this way, you achieve a systematic approach to risk management and continuous improvement.

In a business environment where accuracy and consistency are critical, the VARIO Inspections & Surveys module lets you implement a streamlined approach to managing inspections and audits.

Vario - Inspections

This is how VARIO can be your path to automated inspection practices

Varied choice questions  

Define a wide range of choice questions and include multiple translations. This ensures clarity and involvement of all parties.


Customisable templates

Create templates for inspections and internal audits by merging questions and adapting questions to your specific needs.


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Clear inspection planning

Work efficiently with a structured inspection schedule per branch, department, or site and group by subject or inspector.


Automated questionnaires 

You can automatically create questionnaires and forward them to the mobile app for immediate follow-up and execution.


    Effective      invitations

If you invite all relevant people to participate in inspections or audits in a timely manner, you increase engagement.


Efficient follow-up and actions

Answer questions with one click and add comments and photos. You can automatically track the generated actions centrally.


A structured approach for more safety

The Inspections & Surveys module is an indispensable tool for companies seeking effective risk management and continuous improvement.

By using these functions, your company can conduct inspections and audits in a structured manner and track actions quickly and accurately.

This leads to better control of risks, improved compliance, and ultimately greater operational efficiency.

Choose VARIO today and set the stage for automated and streamlined inspection processes.


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