Training Management

BizzMine helps you to better manage and control all data on training, skills and exams.

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BizzMine helps you to better manage and control all data on training, skills and exams.

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BizzMine Training Management

Organize training sessions

Manage subscriptions to exams through a configurable workflow.

You can easily assign who is responsible for the assessments.

Automatic reminders ensure everyone is up to date on what they need to do.

BizzMine Training History

Skill Matrix

The skill matrix provides a color-coded overview of skills categories and users or functions.

Skills can be acquired manually, through training, by reading and acknowledging documents, or by taking exams.

The GAP analysis matrix shows which users have the required skills for a particular function.

You can also check how users perform compared to their team members.

BizzMine Skill Management

Centralize all training data

Register all training data in one central database through customizable training session forms.

You can add all relevant attachments, costs, trainers...

BizzMine Training Monitor

Link trainings, skills, documents, and exams

In some cases, having the right documents available is not enough.

In BizzMine you can link a specific skill that can be acquired after completing certain reading tasks.

You can extend this with additional training that must be completed. 

Or you can immediately test the knowledge through an exam linked to this document.

Easily create and take exams

Easily create and take exams

With the exam creator you can create questions, with embedded images or videos if needed. You can add answers associated with scores and specify how the final score should be evaluated.

Define exam target groups so users can see who the exam is relevant for.

Users can take an exam after being manually added, after completing a document training task, or after a training session. Once they are ready, their competency level is updated in the skill matrix.

BizzMine Training Monitor

Training history report

Keep track of all the training sessions users have subscribed to in one easy-to-read list.

BizzMine Training Monitor

Monitor your training and skill data through dashboards

Dashboards are easy, smooth and customizable to present the most valuable data.

Use powerful Pareto graphs and Trend analyses to get more insight into your training data.

BizzMine everywhere

The BizzMine Training Management module works on all devices, anytime, everywhere!
And is available in the Cloud or On-Premises.

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