Training Management

Manage and control all data on training, skills, and exams.

Data centralised

Using configurable training session forms, record all training data in a single central database.

Manage exam subscriptions using a configurable workflow, and assign who is in charge of the assessments.

Automatic reminders keep everyone informed of what they need to do.

Keep track of all training sessions that people have signed up for in one easy-to-read list.

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Finally manage and control all training and competency data smoothly

Overview and insight

The skill matrix displays a colour-coded overview of skill categories as well as users or functions.

Skills can be acquired manually, through training, by reading and acknowledging documents, or by taking exams.

The GAP analysis matrix identifies which users have the necessary skills for a certain function.

You may also compare how users perform to their team members.


Linked processes

It is often not enough to have the right documents available. Linking certain skills after completing reading tasks is very valuable in this case.

Extend this by providing extra training or testing your employees' knowledge right away with an exam connected to this document.

With the exam creator you can create questions, with embedded images or videos if needed. You can correlate answers with points and decide how the final score should be calculated.

The competency level is automatically updated in the skill matrix.

BizzMine TRN Exams
Manage and control all data on training with these tips
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Audit Management

BizzMine assists you in better organising and tracking internal and external audits.

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CAPA Management

BizzMine supports you in continuously improving the efficiency of your QMS.


Change Control

BizzMine assists you in reducing the risks of change and improving its implementation.

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Complaints Management

Keep track of, investigate, and resolve customer and supplier complaints. 

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Calibration Management

All calibration operations can be planned, organised, and analysed.

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Document Control

Easy version control and document distribution.

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