Materials Management

Manage your assets efficiently and meet the highest standards, from entry into service to regular inspections.

Why materials management is so important

In the complexity of modern business operations, where equipment can be diverse and widespread, effective materials management is an indispensable link for a structured approach.

Keeping track of all equipment - from small tools to heavy equipment - and ensuring it meets all safety and operational requirements is critical.

This VARIO module is your path to controlled and compliance-focused material management.


Vario - Materiaalbeheer

Manage and maintain equipment and ensure efficiency and compliance

Clear list of materials  

Inventory all your materials in one overview and keep track of who uses what and where. This creates clarity and control over your assets.


Seamless synchronisation 

Synchronise your bill of materials with external systems and ensure uniform and consistent data.


Assign material groups

Assign material groups and establish periodic inspections. This way, you ensure that the equipment complies with the relevant safety standards.


Efficient document management  

Easily find important documents like instruction manuals, inspection reports, and handbooks for more efficient management.

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Maintenance and repairs

Record maintenance and repair data by equipment,  which contributes to an efficient maintenance policy.


 Inspection    planning  

With a clear schedule, you organize regular inspections very efficiently. This way you stay up to date and comply with regulations.


Mobile App for inspections 

Internal inspections can be easily performed via a mobile app with specific questionnaires for each material group.


Uniform procedure for entry into service

With the 3-green light procedure based on uniform checklists such as HSE requirements, new equipment meets safety requirements.

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Logistics functionalities  

Use logistics functions to accurately track inventory, consumption, and orders.


Reduce risk through increased visibility

The Material Management module is an indispensable tool in the toolbox of modern companies.

Not only does it provide a streamlined way to manage and maintain equipment, but it also ensures that companies meet regulatory and operational requirements.

By leveraging these capabilities, companies can not only take a structured approach to equipment management but also reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and improve overall operational efficiency.

Choose VARIO today and steer your device management processes in the right direction.

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