VARIO drives remarkable Quality Improvement at Barsan Global Logistics


Barsan Global Logistics, founded in 1982 in Istanbul Karaköy as a customs consultancy firm, has evolved into a global brand delivering comprehensive logistics services with over 100 logistics centres in 51 countries. The Belgian subsidiary in Willebroek had a significant problem in 2019. Procter & Gamble (P&G), known for its strict quality standards, conducted an audit after the subsidiary was established, discovering an astounding 32 serious observations under ISO 9001. With only a year before the next audit to fix these shortcomings, Barsan made the strategic decision to restructure its quality management system. Enter VARIO software. 

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VARIO makes our life easy. The software helps us a lot to work in line with the ISO 9001 chapters.

Fast implementation

Barsan Global Logistics in Willebroek selected VARIO as their software platform in February 2021, with implementation beginning in March. The system was smoothly integrated into Barsan's operations in Belgium after a 28-day quick and revolutionary procedure. And they managed to do most of the implementation themselves because the software is so intuitive and flexible.    

Beraat Karabulut, Site Quality Leader, stated that the impact was instantaneous and profound: "VARIO makes our life easy. The software helps us a lot to work in line with the ISO 9001 chapters. We know what is going to be required in the next audit and how to find it.” 

From patchwork in Excel to streamlined processes

Before VARIO, Barsan relied on a patchwork of Excel, Word, shared drives, and email for tracking and investigations. VARIO changed the game by centralising all these processes into one platform, providing a professional appearance, user-friendly navigation, and comprehensive information storage. The mobile module is a great tool for the warehouse team to record issues swiftly and efficiently, along with images for documentation and reports. 

The speed of investigations increased dramatically as obtaining information and finding previous quality incidents became a streamlined process. Reports for P&G could now be readily created, with all necessary information easily attached, demonstrating the platform's efficiency. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Barsan's second external audit identified only 6 major observations by the end of 2021, a significant improvement from the previous 32. In 2022, the number shrank even further to only 1 major observation, sealing not just Barsan's contract with P&G but also positioned the company as an industry quality example to other centres. 

VARIO: the backbone of Barsan

Aside from the platform's significant operational benefits, Beraat Karabulut praises the VARIO team's great service. The platform's developed modules and quick template configuration saved time during implementation. The system's configuration flexibility enabled Barsan to properly adjust it to its demands and working methodology. 

In conclusion, VARIO has become the backbone of Barsan's operations at Willebroek, increasing efficiency and assuring a consistent adherence to the highest quality standards. This case study demonstrates how VARIO facilitated a revolutionary journey for Barsan in a short period of time, cementing its position as a logistics industry leader. 

Beraat Karabulut
Project Delivery Manager 

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