Digital QMS for Pharma

Implement a Digital Quality Management System and streamline the processes of your organisation.

As a pharmaceutical company, you help to enrich and extend life across all disease areas.

Implementing a decent electronic Quality Management System helps you to digitise and organise numerous linked processes, according to cGMP requirements: Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Non-Conformance Management, Internal and External Audit Management, Risk Management, Complaint Management, Incident Management, Document Control, Management of Change (MoC), Calibration Management, Management of Product Releases, Recalls, Returns, and Samples, Training Management.

It has been proven that both the software and the customized applications are able to be qualified for use in a pharmaceuticals environment.

- Carbogen AMCIS


Internal monitoring and auditing of business processes help to detect and prevent potential violations of best practices.

Prompt response and corrective action for detected problems are keynotes in your daily commitment to quality, safety, and ethics.

With Bizzmine you have validated QMS software according to international standards.

Measure up to stringent legislation and government requirements and meet all quality requirements and regulations according to cGMP and FDA in one flexible platform.

Streamline operations, be more resilient and build a sustainable business.

Creating and validating automated business processes have probably never been easier.

- Galenica

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Vector_BizzMine_Audit Management_Solutions Module

Audit Management

Bizzmine helps you to better organize and follow up your internal and external audits.

Vector_BizzMIne_CAPA Management_Solutions Module

CAPA Management

Bizzmine helps you to continually improve the effectiveness of your QMS.

Vector-BizzMine_Training Management_Solutions Module

Training Management

Bizzmine helps you to better manage and control all data on training and competencies.

Vector_BizzMine_Complaint Management_Solutions Module

Complaints Management

Track, investigate, and correct your customer and supplier complaints. 

Vector_BizzMine_Calibration Management_Solutions Management

Calibration Management

Bizzmine is the perfect application to plan, organize and analyze all calibration processes.

Vector_BizzMine_Document Control_Solutions Module 2-1

Document Control

Centralized management of SOPs, manuals, work instructions and other documents.