VARIO Software for EHS

Increase the efficiency of your daily management of Health, Safety, and Environment.

Safety and well-being of every employee


The legal framework for safety at work is set out in the codex on well-being at work. This primarily revolves around dynamic risk management, the use of personal protective equipment and inspected tools, the provision of safety instructions, the organisation of consultation...


This requires a great deal of administration, both in the office and at other locations, and is easily managed with VARIO.


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If we all do just one thing, just improve workplace safety by one percent, then that’s 28,000 people that get to go home without harm, instead of ending up dead – each year. Let’s make the world a safer place, one percent at a time.

- Dr. Adrew Sharman - "One Percent Safer"
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Discover your VARIO benefits

Safety management: complex and dynamic

As an organisation, you face many challenges: fragmentation of data, manual processes, lack of uniformity, insufficient collaboration,...

With an integrated HSE software platform, you make security management in your organisation much easier and more efficient. The software provides you with a centralised and unified way to manage all aspects of security and ensures better communication between all stakeholders.

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The benefits of VARIO software
Make it easy for yourself and increase the efficiency of your daily HSE Management

Generate periodic reports and actions thanks to predefined workflows tailored to your business.


Keep all information centralised and create overviews per company. Easily report on your results and prepare clear minutes.


Enable internal and external employees to collaborate more smoothly and quickly, and avoid creating duplicate information.


Automatic messages notify the appropriate responsible parties in time. This way, everyone knows what is expected of them.


The more insight into the security situation, the lower the administrative burden and the greater the transparency.


Capture data easily on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This increases compliance with security policies.


"We were urgently looking for an existing tool with a particular focus on materials management, facilities management, building management, document management, and inspection tracking. VARIO is a modular software package, which is also interesting because it means you grow with the system. It offers us absolute added value."

- Stéphanie Coelis - SMT Belgium

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Zie hoe VARIO werkt

A solution for every situation
VARIO simplifies your work processes so you can focus on your core business
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Incident Management

Record, investigate, and report incidents to prevent recurrence.


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Risk Management

Inventory, assess, and manage the risks in your organisation.


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Inspections and surveys

Digitise and centralise all safety, quality, or environmental inspections and audits.


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Materials Management

Maintain control over in-service of materials and periodic inspections.


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Hazardous substances

Manage and control all hazardous substances and related safety measures.