Digital QMS for Laboratories

Improve the quality and safety of your laboratory and get fast and reliable results through the implementation of a Digital Quality Management System.

Fast and accurate results

Innovation and high-quality solutions are the keys to the most accurate laboratory results in the shortest time. Highly trained laboratory personnel take care of various analyses used in a medical and pharmaceutical environment, or in the food and agricultural industry.

Implementing a decent quality management system helps you to digitise and organise numerous activities: Internal and external Audit Management, Risk Management, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Incident Management, Complaint Management, Task Management, Document Control, and Calibration Management.

The fact that we can configure literally any process in BizzMine, makes it very easy to automate a lot of our processes and document them.

- Anwa Medical Labs

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Compliance ensured

Any organisation that performs testing, sampling, or calibration wants reliable results and strives for a high level of standardisation of testing required by auditors.

With BizzMine you have a validated QMS software that complies with international standards.

Measure up to stringent legal and regulatory requirements and meet all quality requirements and regulations according to ISO standards for ISO /IEC 17025, ISO 15189, and ISO 14001 in a flexible platform.

Streamline your operations, become more resilient and build a sustainable business. This is how BizzMine can be your powerful business improvement tool.

We experience the communication with BizzMine as open and on content with the aim to obtain the best results.

- GenDx

eQMS for Forensics/Labs

We have extensive experience with working with Forensics Labs within constabularies and private labs.

BizzMine is the perfect solution for managing time consuming QMS processes to comply with ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 9001, FSR.

These are just some of the modules we cover: Document Control and Document Changes, CAPA, Audits, Risk Management, Complaints, Staff Feedback and Positive Outcomes, Change Control, Meeting Management, Training and Exams.


You are in good company

15 key Digital QMS essentials for Laboratories
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Vector_BizzMine_Audit Management_Solutions Module

Audit Management

BizzMine helps you to better organize and follow up your internal and external audits.

Vector_BizzMIne_CAPA Management_Solutions Module

CAPA Management

BizzMine helps you to continually improve the effectiveness of your QMS.

Vector-BizzMine_Training Management_Solutions Module

Training Management

BizzMine helps you to better manage and control all data on training and competencies.

Vector_BizzMine_Complaint Management_Solutions Module

Complaints Management

Track, investigate, and correct your customer and supplier complaints. 

Vector_BizzMine_Calibration Management_Solutions Management

Calibration Management

BizzMine is the perfect application to plan, organize and analyze all calibration processes.

Vector_BizzMine_Document Control_Solutions Module 2-1

Document Control

Centralized management of SOPs, manuals, work instructions and other documents.