Document Control

Manage your standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals, documentation, work instructions, and other documents in one place.

Document control software simplifies version control and distribution of documents.

Full compliance 

Version control and extensive audit trails ensure that all criteria of international standards such as ISO, GxP, or FDA are met.

After they have been reviewed and authorised, new minor or major versions are made available in the document control system.

When a new version is released, users are notified via a task.

Laurastar trusts Bizzmine for document management and quality.

- Laurastar
Screenshot Document Control Full compliance

Visibility and insight

Maintain visibility and oversight into all written procedures and work instructions (SOPs).

Data sharing becomes considerably easier, approvals happen much faster, and audits run much more smoothly.

Reminders inform each employee of what he or she needs to do. If desired, these reminders can also be sent by email.

The exchange of general instructions and changes is now automatic and therefore very fast. We find the software particularly user-friendly and very useful during audits.

- H. Essers

Take back control of your document management

Flexible and user-friendly

The tree structure widget is quite similar to Windows Explorer's file and folder structure. Users are able to quickly get familiar with the UI.

Documents can be organised into one or more folders, each with its own set of rights and approval workflows.

You can automatically update the document properties (code, title, version number, issue date...) in MS Word or MS Excel documents.

We love the flexibility of the system and custom form collections, which gives us the option to replace all manual Word and Excel sheets we are still using today.

- Fresh & Saucy Foods
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Audit Management

Bizzmine assists you in better organising and tracking internal and external audits.

Vector-BizzMine_Capa Management-Overzicht

CAPA Management

Bizzmine supports you in continuously improving the efficiency of your QMS.

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Training Management

You will be able to better manage and control all training and competency data.

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Complaints Management

Keep track of, investigate, and resolve customer and supplier complaints. 

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Calibration Management

All calibration operations can be planned, organised, and analysed.


Change Control

Bizzmine assists you in reducing the risks of change and improving its implementation.

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