Incident Management

Engage in effective management of accidents and incidents through recording, investigation, and prevention.

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Safety first

In the modern business environment, safety is a priority. Companies strive to create a work environment where employees, customers, and visitors feel safe and risks are minimized. Implementing thorough accident & and incident management is not only required by law, it is also crucial in optimizing safety culture and operational efficiency.

Accidents and incidents can happen anywhere, from the shop floor to other business-related locations. As a company, you must be able to adequately handle and prevent these incidents.

Vario - Accidents and Incidents

This is how VARIO helps your company on the way to more security

Structured registration

From near misses to serious workplace accidents, this module guides you step-by-step through the recording process. Record incidents in a structured way and identify risks and patterns.

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Automatic type indentification

Use legal codes to automatically determine the type of accident. This allows for quick classification and accurate reporting with analytical purposes.

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Complete  traceability

Track the incident from the time of registration to the completed investigation report. This provides a transparent and documented process that is critical for future reference.


In-depth investigation

Analyze accidents and incidents according to your own investigation methodology and gain deep insights. Understand root causes and prevent recurrence with targeted actions.


Link risk analysis and action plans

Link the module to your existing risk analysis(s), action lists, or annual action plan. This ensures an integrated approach where preventive measures can be effectively implemented.


Automatic statistics

Automating calculations such as frequency and severity of accidents helps set goals related to accidents. Accident statistics provide information on the most common causes.


Continuous learning and improvement

Learn from your mistakes and take proactive measures to strengthen your safety culture. By doing so, you will not only create a safer work environment but also a positive company reputation.

With the Accidents & Incidents module, you go beyond just compliance. You can take a proactive approach to safety in your business, based on accurate records, in-depth investigations, and targeted prevention.

In this way, you not only strengthen the safety culture in your company but also increase efficiency and confidence in your business operations.

Take the step towards a safer future today!

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