Risk Management

Proactively manage a variety of risks that can affect your operations and reputation.

Why effective risk management is so crucial

Managing risk is at the heart of responsible corporate governance. In an increasingly complex business environment, it is essential to take proactive steps to identify, assess, and manage risks.

Not only do you need to identify and assess potential risks, but you also need to manage them in a consistent manner across the enterprise. Harmonise risk management practices and transform them into a streamlined digital platform.

Implementing a robust risk management framework goes beyond mere compliance. It's a strategic decision that increases your organisation's resilience and paves the way to sustainable success.

Vario - Risk Management

This is how VARIO becomes your guide to inventorying, assessing, and managing risks

  Thorough   inventory

Record all known risks and obtain a comprehensive overview of potential risks that could affect your business operations.

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Custom risk  analyses 

Whether you use standard procedures or your own methods, you can create detailed risk analyses for each task. This provides a deeper understanding of the challenges tasks present.

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Combined risk assessments 

Combining risk assessments based on work items, functions, or sites gives you a holistic view of the broader risk landscape within the organization.


Preventive measures 

The module proposes preventive measures and provides functions to track approval and implementation. In this way, risks are addressed proactively.


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Effectiveness evaluation

Measure the effectiveness of prevention measures and make sure your approach is working. Adjust management actions as necessary to improve them.


Integrated version control

Keep track of all changes to risk assessments and control measures with integrated version control. This provides transparency every step of the way.


Reduce risk through increased visibility

Get a quick overview of all high-risk tasks and functions. Manage them properly and you'll reduce the risk of accidents and operational disruptions.

Moving from fragmented risk management to a centralised digital approach is a strategic move that strengthens your organisation's resilience and sustainability.

VARIO provides the tools necessary to implement a unified approach to risk management. This has far-reaching benefits, from improved consistency to reduced operational risks.

Take the leap to unified and integrated risk management today and set the stage for a future of improved operational stability and corporate reputation.

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