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QHSE compliance is critical in many industries,
such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, logistics, construction, healthcare and

Partnering with BizzMine allows you to tap into a market where there is a high demand for effective software to simplify Quality, Health, and Safety Management.


Increased revenue

Becoming a partner presents a profitable opportunity to augment your revenue streams. By referring clients to our QHSE platform, you can tap into a new source of income while offering valuable solutions to your customers, fostering growth and mutual success. 


Added value  

QHSE software helps your customers streamline their quality and safety processes, improve 
compliance, reduce risks, and increase overall efficiency. That makes you a valuable partner invested in their success.


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Enhanced offer

Adding a QHSE software solution to your portfolio 
can enhance your offerings and make you a one-stop solution provider for clients looking for a comprehensive management tool.



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They are our trusted partners

BizzMine and delaware: two complementary forces

The collaboration between delaware and BizzMine unites two beautifully complementary types of expertise. BizzMine boasts a top QHSE management product: easy and secure – no need to build a customised solution from scratch. delaware, on the other hand, has the international know-how to implement and integrate that software into different platforms and ecosystems.

Using our knowledge of several process industries and verticals, we’ll help organisations incorporate QHSE into their digital transformation. Together, we make sure that both new and existing customers enjoy a state-of-the-art QMS solution that grows in tune with their journey and legal requirements. In that way, you can always count on the right solution at the right time.

- Johan Raedemaeker, partner at delaware

BizzMine and Abifa Teknik: pioneering Indonesia's pharma revolution

Through the partnership between PT Abifa Teknik and BizzMine, we aim to spread awareness about Electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) across Indonesia.  By leveraging on BizzMine's cutting-edge technology and PT Abifa Teknik's extensive network and expertise, we want to empower pharmaceutical companies to streamline their processes, enhance quality control measures, and ensure regulatory compliance.”  Heru Purnomo

- Heru Purnomo, Abifa Teknik

Strengthened partnership between Bizzmine and Cplus

We are grateful for the extended partnership between Bizzmine and Cplus. Their expertise in IT software perfectly complements our service offering focused on operational excellence. Their ability to provide advanced technological solutions is a valuable asset for our company and for our customers.

- François-Xavier Dherville, Cplus

BizzMine and The Life Science Cluster empower life science companies to elevate and optimise their quality processes

The Life Science Cluster supports industry growth and bringing new life science solutions to the market, within health and bioscience. A crucial part of this, is supporting the SMEs to develop the right in-house competence and make it easier to build and develop what they need. One of these areas is understanding of regulatory and QMS /QHSE requirements and reduce time needed to build the correct system at the right time. When supporting companies in a cluster setting, we get the additional benefit of creating a community of people with similar responsibilities across companies, which strengthens the ecosystem as a whole.

- Hanne Mette Dyrlie Kristensen, CEO at The Life Science Cluster
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