Obtain or manage your ISO certification?

You can do it in just 4 easy steps! Find out now everything there is to know about ISO certification.

Get your certificate fast and retain it with minimal effort

For many companies, obtaining an ISO certificate (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001) is very important to get orders from major customers. Start-up entrepreneurs often do not know how to achieve this. Our experienced consultants will help you with a structured approach that will quickly set up the software VARIO as a health system for the benefit of your company. So don't panic about the external audit!

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International standard for quality management systems

Start from the Deming circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and create an ISO dossier. You can also contact us in the process if you need further assistance.



International standard for environment management systems

Obtaining or managing this certification takes a lot of effort and quickly puts a strain on a company. Therefore, let our team advise you here as well.



International standard for health and safety at work 

Do you want to achieve this successor standard to OHSAS18001 or manage it more easily? Then let us help you. It will save you a lot of worries.




International standard for  traffic safety

As a company in the transport sector or with a fleet of vehicles, you will quickly experience the added value of this certificate that you build and acquire together with our experts.

Step 1 - Setting up the registration system

In the preparatory step, all information and documentation such as processes, procedures, stakeholders, objectives, KPIs, as well as ongoing complaints, deviations, measures, etc. are collected. For this purpose, the various modules of VARIO are used to set up a safety or quality assurance system.


Step 2 - Use of the assurance system

Following the Plan-Do-Check-Act principle, continuous improvement is a cyclical process of planning, execution, evaluation, and adjustment. ISO Management therefore requires regular commitment and follow-up, which is only possible with automated management, for which our software VARIO is intended.

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Step 3 - The internal audit

The third step is to conduct an internal audit to determine the extent to which the company already complies with ISO regulations.
It is a preparation for the external audit, during which we check together with the file manager where deficiencies still need to be eliminated.


Step 4 - The certification audit

This final step will be performed by an independent, accredited auditing body. The external audit will be an extended version of the internal audit. The manual will be closely scrutinized and it will be verified that all items have been properly addressed in practice.
If successful, the ISO certificate will be issued!

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The result?

Optimal ISO management in less time and with less paper!
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See how VARIO works

"The added value of vario for the municipality of koksijde is both the knowledge of the file managers and the fact that the software is accessible to everyone and easy to complete at all levels via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. with vario we automatically have a unified, clear report for the board based on centralized, error-free and efficient reporting."

Wim Verraes - Municipality of Koksijde
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Obtain or manage ISO certificates?

It can be done in just 4 simple steps!

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