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We all know how important it is for an organization to have, or, at least be thinking about a sensible, effective quality management system.

Document control is where it all begins, but knowing it and implementing it can be two very different things. So with all the best intentions in mind, let’s look at some ways to do exactly that. Don’t look away, this is about you too.

Know what to look for

Take it back to the beginning before you start any of this. Effective quality management, inclusive of processes and document control, starts way before implementation.

Understanding the current quality recognition culture within your organization, at this moment is the only way to move forward. Quality assurance needs to be led from the inside, with management taking the reins to ensure an understanding of the why’s involved, not just the what.

It is this understanding that will allow your staff to look at what is working well with current document controls, just as much as what is not quite right.

Clarify your objectives

Easy for me to say? Maybe, but when some organizations spend thousands of dollars in time and actual money on the wrong convoluted and confusing document control systems, no wonder they are skeptical.

Focus on what would make your life easier. Try customizable workflows for review and assessment and easy automated distribution of documents to the right people, at the right time. Speaking of distribution, what a wonderful world it would be if permissions & security were no longer a guessing game.

Get yourself document control software with powerful search functions so you’re not wasting your time, or anyone else’s.

Real quality assurance credibility through MS Office interaction, with the aid of PDF conversion and not to mention full featured web interface are all available to organizations with the foresight to see that there’s nothing to be feared, only gained, by effective implementation of the right technology.

All sound good? That’s because it is.

Measure twice, cut once

Remember, you cannot manage what you cannot measure in real terms, and in real time.

Purposeful, current, and efficient. If you ask yourself the critical questions, these three descriptors should rise to the top like the solution-driven cream that they are. What you need is flexibility. Interoperability that allows you to get on with your core values and objectives without the worry of whether your drivers are steering you into a brick wall.

Reap the rewards

The ASQ (American Society for Quality) defines quality as “the organizational structure, processes, procedures, and resources needed to implement, maintain and continually improve the management of quality.”

So what are you trying to achieve by bettering your quality controls?

Your kingdom for a remover of headaches and associated compliance pain? Or maybe even fully compliant version control? The rewards are not as far away as you might think. There is actually a lot to be gained from this implementation, even though it does take dedication. The right partners in place will see your risk management objectives met, your process and document control a pleasure to use, and your bottom line increase due to improved efficiency and a new customer service-orientated mindset.

Efficiency and control equal happy employees, happy customers, happier auditors (they need a mention), and…. happy you.

I can hear you cheering from here.

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