4 reasons to devote more time to the layout of a text

Everyone intuitively knows how important it is that written text is laid out in a well-organised manner.However, far too often, the aesthetic aspect takes precedence over the functional – usually because the writer has no idea how important correct layout is.

That is why I want to briefly point out the different effects layout has on a reader. In this blog article, I offer four scientifically proven reasons to devote more time to correctly designing your text. This is partially intended as an introduction to a series of forthcoming blog articles which describe best practices for creating work instructions and procedures.

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Why? Because I said so (!?)

A familiar scene that plays out almost daily in many families:

Child (7 years old): “Why can’t I, daddy?”

Father: “Because I said so!”

Child: “That’s not an answer!”

The first signs of early adolescence? Perhaps. Maybe children are getting mouthier these days? Could be. A lack of respect for parental authority? Certainly a point of discussion. But there is no two ways about it, the little devil is actually right. “Because I said so” is not a good answer to the question of “why.” “Why?” you ask.

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Tough objectives lead to strong results

Tough objectives lead to strong results. Perseverance is what drives us to achieve those objectives.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We all know that.

But in business, we are sometimes a bit too impatient when it comes to seeing results.In our haste and rush to find the “quick wins”, we often choose the quickest, but not always the best, way.

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Beethoven, the ice cream man, on-hold music and candy

Every day we unconsciously surrender to the power of associations. And sometimes their annoying and even painful side effects.

Take, for example, the incredibly beautiful Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. What comes to mind when you hear this world-famous tune? Probably not what Beethoven was thinking of when he composed it. 

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Perception of quality

Whenever I hear the word perception, I always think back to a discussion I had with an experienced business owner from my town.

He wanted to give his eighteen-year old son a life lesson about perception and told him the following story.

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