Quality and safety at Alheembouw with VARIO


Alheembouw NV was founded in 1970 and is a construction company with recognition class 8 category D. This recognition is based on our expertise in the world of construction. As a general contractor and property developer, Alheembouw is able to handle any construction project, both new construction and renovation, from public buildings, residential and commercial buildings or offices to industrial complexes and infrastructure works. At Alheembouw we have been working with VARIO for about 3 years. After a start-up process, we have found a quality and safety tool that fully meets our requirements.

Previously, we had to manually analyse the various reports across multiple communication channels, aggregate multiple claims, and evaluate audit statistics. Now, with VARIO, we have one central software. Each prevention consultant has access to the necessary files thanks to VARIO Mobile, which in turn are synchronised with the central team in our office. This ensures a clear way of working and good tracking of all ongoing tasks within Alheembouw.

As we are convinced of the efficient functioning of VARIO, we are working together to implement a tailored quality and security plan in our software and subsequently enhance it. This focused approach makes Alheembouw a very satisfied customer. The fact that we get our audits over with quickly is also a big advantage.

Finally, we don't have to spend hours digging through various documents and filling out reports manually.

Tina Van Damme, Prevention Consultant - Alheembouw


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