What VARIO means for the  municipality of Koksijde

Public sector

More than 10 years ago (2012), Wim Verraes, Head of Service I.D.P.B.W. - Prevention Advisor Level I, was looking for a software package to organise his work and the cooperation with other agencies and colleagues more efficiently and correctly. At that time, the municipality of Koksijde had no budget for it. Fortunately, this is different today.


The added value of VARIO for the municipality of Koksijde lies both in the knowledge of file managers and in the fact that the software is accessible to everyone and can be easily entered at all levels via a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

VARIO: a single, clear report for the board based on centralized, error-free and efficient reporting

Koksijde Municipality, Koksijde Social House, Koksijde Municipal Education, and Koksijde Autonomous Municipal Enterprise have joined forces with their 700 employees to provide a common service to the four different entities in order to serve the residents even better.

VARIO is easy, simple, and can be used by everyone!


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