eQMS at Geodis UK with BizzMine

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GEODIS is a world leader in transport and logistics, with widely acknowledged expertise in all aspects of the supply chain. It delivers shipments through its operations in land, air, and sea transport, as well as contract logistics. All Geodis UK departments are using BizzMine as a platform for their eQMS.

All our departments are using the BizzMine software. We're integrating the entire system into the UK for full quality management across all functions. The struggles that we had were based on organisation, mainly because prior to BizzMine we were using a paper-based system with a mix of SharePoint and it was pretty much impossible to keep on top of quality management, especially with the size of our organisation.

I love everything about BizzMine, but mainly the fact that it brings quality and business excellence into the scope of all departments. The software has enhanced our quality culture because now, function owners are taking more responsibility for things like non-conformities, CAPAs, risk management, and change control. And it also makes process distribution a breeze. We've got full traceability on who's received, read, and understood what procedures.

Quality management within BizzMine is also connected with full visibility and traceability. The regulatory bodies had nothing but praise for us so far. No more relying on calendars and notifications and chasing up on things. The built-in workflows make any quality manager's job a dream.

Watch in the video below how Jenna Cordery - Geodis FF UK LTD, explains what an impact BizzMine has made: 

Video testimonial_Geodis

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