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German company Kloeckner is an internationally renowned name in metal trading. With several branches inside and outside Europe, the company aims to become the largest independent metal trader in the world. Mario Vancompernolle is head of quality, safety, and environment at Kloeckner Metals Belgium and the Netherlands. He tells how and why BizzMine was integrated for joint digital quality management.

BizzMine is a practical and clear platform that can be easily adapted to the needs of your company.

The first years with Vivaldi 5.0

When we received ISO 9002 certification in 1996, it quickly became clear that document review was a tedious task. We wanted to manage the documentation of procedures and instructions in a centralized and accessible management system. And we were pioneers in this area, being the very first customer of Vivaldi Software.

The complaint-handling workflow also proved to be a transparent tool. This process allowed us to identify the number of complaints, as well as common errors and causes. This allowed us to continuously improve the functioning of our organization, both toward customers and suppliers. Later, we also added a supplier evaluation process with grades.

The upgrade to BizzMine

Switching to BizzMine was a logical decision for us. Apart from the fact that the new platform offers more possibilities, the upgrade perfectly matched our merger with the Dutch site. Indeed, last year we obtained a single certificate for quality, safety, and environment for both sites.

Now the different departments work with the same flow for personalized complaint handling, and communication is much smoother than before.

The next step will be a process for supplier complaints. We want the complaints to be automatically forwarded to the purchasing department for further processing.

After that, we will also move the two organizations into one and the same document system.

A useful tool for audits

BizzMine also proves to be very transparent during audits. Everyone has a clear overview of planned tasks and actions. It is clear that we learn from mistakes, not only in a corrective but also preventive manner. Working to the standards is one thing, but improving performance within the organization in this way means so much more.

Plans for the future

In a later phase, we plan to use BizzMine for processes that are not quality-related. Building a flow is relatively easy and the information from the data can be passed perfectly from one department to another. The fact that you can use one application for different purposes is definitely an added value.


Mario Vancompernolle, Head of quality, safety, and environment



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