Maritime Access:  management of DRBS with VARIO

Public sector

Maritime Access manages the waterways leading to the Flemish ports of Oostende, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Antwerp, as well as the works of art and property located along these maritime access routes. This agency also handles the construction and maintenance of the basic infrastructure in the seaports as well as being responsible for managing the airport infrastructure via the public Airport Development Association (Luchthavenontwikkelingsmaatschappijen) Antwerp and Oostende-Brugge.

We use VARIO to manage our dynamic risk management system. This implies a continuous process that is constantly evolving and adapting to changes.

Before our start with VARIO Online, we did not have a central platform for the safety-related work within our department. That is why we went looking for the best platform to meet as many of our needs as possible.


VARIO, the most complete system for managing our Dynamic Risk Management system

For our needs, VARIO is a highly efficient platform for tracking and sharing our safety data. After all, all our engineers and supervisors have access to VARIO, so they can always consult the latest version of our safety dossier in real time.

VARIO is an application that can be used by any company committed to safety to manage its safety processes efficiently and conveniently. Enough of paper to-do lists and searching for the latest version of a document. Enough of keeping documents in multiple locations and each department being its own island.

And, we can also count on our Dossier Manager and their Help Desk. Both during and after the training, we know we can always call on them. This is also an important aspect for us.

Mr. Freddy Aerts, Department Head, Maritime Access Agency


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