Safer with VARIO at QPinch


QPinch contacted us for support with their safety and environmental administration. On the basis of an initial safety audit by the Incerta Prevention Advisor, the priority actions were set out in an action plan. This action plan was incorporated into our VARIO software so that the customer always has an overview of the tasks performed. 

First of all, Incerta handles Qpinch’s regulatory compliance with the Well-being at Work legislation. This includes setting up the necessary training courses, organising medical examinations, drawing up legal documentation (e.g. Annual report ISPP) etc. In addition, they are aiming for a higher level of safety in the field.

More specifically, Qpinch is addressing this issue through  PMGE (hazardous substances) management, establishing demonstrable periodic HSE consultation, conducting and registering behavioural observations, material management, third-party management etc.

With VARIO, it's up to a higher level of safety in the field

Qpinch has developed a heat transformer that recycles residual heat from industrial processes back into process heat. This allows industrial processes to become up to 50% more energy efficient, resulting in significant savings and reductions in emissions. Industrial processes are mainly driven by heat (not by electricity). Qpinch is an innovative company that is making huge strides in the area of industrial energy efficiency. Their solution is widely applicable in refineries and in the petrochemical, food and paper industries.

Mr. Erik Verdeyen, Chief Evangelist, QPinch


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