Siebens Spoorbouw streamlines safety with VARIO


Since the 1980s, Siebens Spoorbouw has been a valued partner for railway works and construction. Every day in Hemiksem and the surrounding area, the company carries out numerous projects in the area of tram and rail works, assembly and welding, installation of crane tracks and trade in railway equipment. 

Siebens Spoorbouw is part of Strukton Rail, which is one of the companies in the Strukton Group. Because the company has all the necessary equipment, machinery and tools, you can rest assured that their projects are completed to perfection and according to the highest standards.

We chose the VARIO software to structure and digitize our safety administration. We have a VCA** care system and, before now, we had an awful lot of folders stored in many locations, some of them containing similar documents. With the VARIO system, we are now trying to work as much as possible within the software program. This way we no longer have to drag our folders with us everywhere, and we can also work in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Both our foremen and our administrative staff can now work together on safety, since we now all work within the same package.  By the way, the system is always accessible from anywhere since it runs in the cloud.

"Automatic statistics and reports also save a lot of time"

When it comes to this collaboration, we have nothing but praise. Our Dossier Manager is easy to reach and assists us with all our questions related to safety and VCA. Their personal approach is also important to us. They think and search along with us to find the best solution for us every time. They can clearly explain new legislation and implement it in practice.

We can recommend VARIO to anyone who has many different ways to keep one administrative area up to date.

Siebens Spoorbouw


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