VARIO at Vandaele Rental


Vandaele Rental is a company specialising in the sales and technical support of excavation machinery and power generators.

VARIO Online handles the tracking and follow-up of the relevant legislation and standards.

In the past, all kinds of information was kept in different places. Two companies meant double work, while much of it is identical. We had a jumble of documents, and nothing was structured or centralized. We were also never up to date with the new legislation/standards.

THE VARIO program is very clear and easy to use. Everything is now centralized. VARIO also offers us the option to link multiple sub-files or to manage them separately as individual departments. You can easily switch from one dossier to another with just one click. This also gives us the opportunity to use VARIO to manage our Vandaele Rental branch in a centralized manner.  

Certificate follow-in is easy with VARIO Online

VARIO allows you to work in a very structured way in terms of equipment input and tracking as well as their related documents, such as inspections.  We can also easily add and link our own documents in addition to external documents. The program is accessible to our various users. They can consult, modify and attach various documents when necessary.

Our administrative staff / Prevention Advisor are not the only ones who use the VARIO program. Our Technical Department, Purchasing-Warehouse Department, Personnel Department and the Sales Department also use it. This simplifies the storage and consultation of various documents, such as instruction cards, MSDS for products, risk analyses, customers and suppliers, occupational accident analyses, inventory lists of materials of all types + inspections, medical examinations for personnel etc.

We are now always up to date with the latest legislation and can always rely on the extensive library of instruction cards and risk analyses etc. … Thanks to the biweekly meetings with our VARIO Dossier Manager, it was possible to complete items at a regular pace, making the VAC* implementation process run very smoothly. Since we have been using VARIO, safety has played a central role in our corporate strategy.

Mr. Vandaele Carl – Managing Director, Vandaele Rental


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