Quality & EHS software for the Food & Beverage industry

SOP's & documentation, complaints, CAPA, audits, training records, incidents & accidents and more.

Our management solution leads you to compliance with F&B standards such as ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, ISO 9001, FDA, GxP, etc.

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At BizzMine we commit to helping the Food & Beverage industry to protect our health, by keeping food safe and animals healthy. 

Fortunately governments worldwide have gone through great efforts in the last few decades to make the food chain safer.

High standards apply to food produced inside the European Union and imported from outside.

In the USA, FDA meticulously regulates all foods and food-ingredients introduced into or offered for sale in interstate commerce, with the exception of meat, poultry, and certain processed egg products regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Many standards cover the requirements towards implementing a Quality assurance management system in the food chain such as ISO 22000, IFS, GxP, BRC and HACCP. 

Our team has more than 20 years of experience implementing Quality & EHS management software for the food & beverage industry. We help you through the smooth and painless setup of the core processes of your ISO and GxP compliant QMS in our software. 

  • Document Control (SOP’s, work instructions and other documentation)

    Automate the everyday document management processes with built-in tools such as version control, the assessment & distribution workflow, digital archive and auditable history.

  • Customer complaint, supplier complaints and internal deviations

    Follow your complaints workflow process from initial registration through to final response. Manage customer resolution and ensure satisfaction.

  • CAPA Management

    Implement your corrective & preventative actions trough a compliant workflow process of plan, do and check.

  • Incidents & Accidents

    BizzMine helps you to better track, investigate, and correct your EHS incidents to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence.

  • Risk management

    Inventorize risks and embed risk management into your core Quality & EHS processes.

  • Training and competencies

    Manage all training data and in the central database of BizzMine. Link competencies to training data, functions and roles and your staff.

  • Management review and meetings

    Centralize the records of your management reviews and meetings, including attachments and reports. Schedule and track linked corrective and preventative actions.

  • Internal and external audits

    Manage your internal & external audits. Ensuring your audit procedures are followed will enable confidence when facing any audits.

Food & Beverage companies love BizzMine.

BizzMine has been developing Quality & EHS Management software and software for Regulatory compliance since 1995.

More than 75,000 users in the Food & Beverages industry and other industries spread across more than 20 countries use our Quality & EHS Management Software on a daily basis.

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