Digital QMS for Food & Beverages

Implement an integrated solution for managing quality processes according to FDA, IFS, BRC regulations and ISO 22000 standards.

As a food producer, you have the responsibility of managing the safety of your products and the well-being of your consumers.

Food Quality Management uses tools, such as auditing and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan), to describe the indispensable processes.

Implementing a decent Quality Management System helps you to digitise and organise numerous activities: Document Control, Task Management, Internal and External Audit Management, Management of withdrawals or recalls, Complaint Management, Incident Management, Calibration Management, Risk Management, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA).

We love the flexibility of the system and custom form collections, which gives us the option to replace all manual Word and Excel sheets we are still using today.

- Fresh & Saucy Foods

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BizzMine is an integrated solution for managing quality processes according to FDA, IFS, BRC regulations, and ISO 22000 standards.

Becoming certified to ISO 22000 allows your company to provide customer confidence in the product.

It maps out what an organisation needs to do to establish documented food safety management system processes.

Remote access, centralised storage of data, automated audit trails, full tracing of history, notifications and reminders for your personal tasks, clear dashboard overviews, etc. these are important key features for your never-ending mission to ensure safe quality food.

The platform is very flexible and adapts to the type of process, from simple to complex.

- Groupe Lactalis
15 key Digital QMS essentials for Food & Beverages
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Vector_BizzMine_Audit Management_Solutions Module

Audit Management

Bizzmine helps you to better organize and follow up your internal and external audits.

Vector_BizzMIne_CAPA Management_Solutions Module

CAPA Management

Bizzmine helps you to continually improve the effectiveness of your QMS.

Vector-BizzMine_Training Management_Solutions Module

Training Management

Bizzmine helps you to better manage and control all data on training and competencies.

Vector_BizzMine_Complaint Management_Solutions Module

Complaints Management

Track, investigate, and correct your customer and supplier complaints. 

Vector_BizzMine_Calibration Management_Solutions Management

Calibration Management

Bizzmine is the perfect application to plan, organize and analyze all calibration processes.

Vector_BizzMine_Document Control_Solutions Module 2-1

Document Control

Centralised management of SOPs, manuals, work instructions and other documents.