BizzMine simplifies your human resources management.

Dashboards give you insights. All forms are stored in 1 centralized database. And you can check the current status of each workflow process.

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Onboarding and offboarding.

With BizzMine you can manage all onboarding and offboarding of your staff. The streamlined workflow process covers all required topics like car policy, assigned assets, user access to the corporate software platforms, benefits etc. 

You can easily attach signed contracts, documents and policies. 


The BizzMine Appraisal workflow guides you through the different steps: the preparation by the employee, the appraisal meeting and if necessary the follow-up after the appraisal.

Expense Claims.

The BizzMine Expense Claims solution automates the process from request until payback, and keeps track of all related data like notes, bills etc.

Leave Requests.

The Leave request workflow allows your staff to register absence requests to the HR department. The workflow covers the process from request over approval to payroll processing.

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  • Dashboards
  • Flexible ready-to-use workflow processes
  • Easy Form Design
  • Mobile: works on any device
  • Connectivity & Integration (API)
  • Available in the cloud or On-Premises