Digital HSE in Transport and Logistics with VARIO

Are you looking for an integrated solution to digitise your processes for safety and prevention?

More efficiency, less costs


In the dynamic world of logistics and transportation, it is essential to minimise incidents, damages and complaints.
Not only to ensure customer safety and satisfaction, but also to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

With VARIO, you choose a configurable, standardised solution with modules for digitising action management, notifications, inspections, rounds, damage management, insurance and complaint management to optimise efficiency and safety in your logistics company.


Vario -  Toolbox

With VARIO we found a convenient, dynamic, and efficient software tool to support our internal safety, quality, and environmental administration. 

- Eddie Stobart Logistics
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Optimise your processes with VARIO

With VARIO software, you reduce the number of incidents and associated costs through proactive monitoring and faster response times.

Manual processes are automated so you can work more efficiently and faster.

Improved safety management leads to lower insurance premiums and thus financial benefits.

By centralising and analysing data, you can improve your company's operational performance.

The benefits of VARIO software

Centralisation of data

With all information centralised in one place, you maintain a perfect overview.


Easy to use

Reports and records are easy to create, so significantly less time is wasted.


Smooth collaboration

Employees work better together, across departments.



Notifications improve QHSE-related communication.





Get real-time visibility into compliance and can respond quickly to inadequacies.



Cost savings

Reduce incidents, damages and complaints, save costs and improve operational performance.


Our solutions for your digital HSE
Vario - Risk Management

Risk Management 

Identify, assess, and manage risks in your organisation. Create various risk analyses with templates and stay up to date on changes anytime, anywhere.

Vario -  Toolbox

Toolbox Meetings

Register your data quickly via the mobile app, create appropriate attendance lists, collect signatures digitally, and have notifications sent automatically.

Vario - Accidents and Incidents

Accidents and incidents

Record, investigate and report accidents and incidents to prevent them from happening again in the future.


Vario - Inspections 02


Count on efficient record keeping, automatic links to actions, simple reports, and clear statistics and trend analysis for your inspections.

Vario - VGM Plan

HSE plan

Start with templates and supplement them with specific attachments and information. Link activities and tasks and link risk assessments in a simple way.

Vario - Pie Charts

Notifications and actions

Register quickly and have the correct and necessary information immediately. Detailed tracking and analysis is guaranteed.