Digital Forms: collect and organize your information

In BizzMine you can quickly create dynamic online forms to record and display data, wherever you are working.


With dynamic online forms, you record and display data, wherever you work.

With our user-friendly Form Designer, you determine the layout of your form at every step of the workflow process.

Define which fields are read-only or mandatory. This way, you can customize form fields according to the needs of the end user.

The BizzMine Form Designer is fast, flexible, and without compromises.

It's the ticket to the intelligent automation of your business processes.

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We love the flexibility of the system and custom form collections, which gives us the option to replace all manual Word and Excel sheets we are still using today.

– Fresh & Saucy Foods


Use our powerful workflow to streamline your core business processes.

Forget the hard IT work. In the no-code BizzMine platform you can configure simple to complex processes in a few hours and without technical knowledge.

Give less technical users the opportunity to solve problems with the help of a drag-and-drop designer.

BizzMine helps you automate your workflows, regardless of your professional background.


Creating and validating automated business workflows have probably never been easier.

– Nicklas Helgesson - QA Manager


Dashboards can be easily customized to display your data in a variety of ways.

Highlight trends with graphs or customize the information displayed with bespoke lists.

BizzMine lets you present your data in an easily interpretable way.

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The dashboards are visually very strong and useful for the analyzes that have to be made.

– DeLaval


Keep track of all your actions in the audit trail.

Our track changes feature is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and logs all the actions linked to a registration.

You can perfectly verify who has viewed which record and when, who has completed which step, etc.

BizzMine also keeps track of who has adjusted which field and what the new value is.

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With the BizzMine workflow module, our CAPA and MoC processes have been made paperless and are compliant to the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.




Create customized workspaces and set the right permissions.

Reading information that isn’t relevant is time-consuming and leads to distraction. Using workspaces in BizzMine, you can create user specific environments for departments, teams, goals, and many more. This ensures that everyone only sees the relevant information.

BizzMine has an extensive but easy to configure system of permissions on different levels (collections, workspaces, dashboards, widgets). You can assign rights to individual users or groups of users via function roles.

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BizzMine enables intuitive organization of documents through the options to create workspaces and folder structures.

– GenDx


Our software speaks many languages.

BizzMine is the perfect tool for companies with multiple locations in different parts of the world. Users can choose the language in which they prefer to work.


The multilingual character of BizzMine and the support in Dutch are useful advantages.

– Groupe Lactalis


Link any type of process to another and keep a clear overview.

Leave behind the worries of maintaining multiple databases. In BizzMine, you can link different processes to each other, such as for instance a CAPA to an audit or a deviation.

These related processes make it easier for you to retrieve the information you need.


Combine various data types into one platform.

Synchronize customer or product data from ERP or CRM applications.

Or let your customers fill in a complaint form on your website so that the data is automatically registered as a new complaint in BizzMine.

And if you need more advanced integrations, the API offers you the possibility to connect 3rd party applications.

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All your tasks are nicely listed and can be consulted from anywhere in the application.

A color code indicates whether a task has already exceeded its deadline or not.

Notifications and reminders are also displayed in a similar way in a separate list.

Optionally, BizzMine can send out email notifications to enable users to keep track of their tasks and deadlines.

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Everyone knows exactly which tasks and actions to perform, because they are clearly presented in BizzMine.

– DeLaval


You are in good company