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Rf-Technologies is a leading manufacturer of fireproofing solutions. Quality Manager Bram Lammens tells us how he experienced the upgrade from Vivaldi 5.0 to BizzMine and shares some important tips.

Rf-Technologies about the upgrade to BizzMine

Rf-Technologies is a leading manufacturer of fireproofing solutions for compartmentation and smoke extraction. The company, with R&D, production, and warehousing in Belgium, also has a subsidiary in Slovakia. Both sites use BizzMine for their digital quality management. Quality Manager Bram Lammens tells us how he experienced the upgrade from Vivaldi 5.0 to BizzMine and shares some important tips.

Vivaldi 5.0 brought structure to the chaos of all our tasks. The workflows were well defined: each step was clearly described and logged in the related forms. It was clear to the entire team who was responsible for which task within the organization. Since I had programmed the workflows myself, I could also easily adapt them and had a good overview of the whole.

For us, the migration from Vivaldi 5.0 to BizzMine was part of the overall transition of our IT structure to Microsoft Dynamics. BizzMine was an extension of what we already had and was therefore the ideal solution for us. In order to maintain our workflow structure and make adjustments easily, I had drawn a detailed flowchart in advance. The structure of the flow, the layout of the fields, the different groups... Everything was fixed before I opened BizzMine for the first time.

As we are ISO 9001 certified and have several European CE certificates, good quality management is very important for us. With BizzMine, we digitize processes for complaint handling, for the follow-up of industrial accidents, for our X-Files requests (which are all requests that are outside our catalog), for mapping internal errors and interventions, and for various transport matters.

BizzMine is a great tool for quality management. You can record exactly what is expected from your employees, and you know the status of each registration at any time. This gives you the perfect data for statistics.

I intentionally configured BizzMine to be as simple as possible. Our end users see only what is needed for that step in the forms, and find further explanations for each field. Even the mails behind the registrations are actually small work instructions. Additional documents with instructions for each step are therefore unnecessary.

One of the advantages of BizzMine compared to Vivaldi 5.0 is the possibility to work with scripts. With these, a selected field from a drop-down menu can hide or make other fields appear on top in real-time. It's also handy that BizzMine is a Cloud application. For example, I can view everything on my smartphone in the factory and immediately make the necessary adjustments. In our company, the software is not installed on-site, but on the BizzMine server. Therefore, we do not have to upgrade the software or worry about server maintenance and backups. In this way, the upgrade saves us additional work and money.

From my own experience, I can give you the following tips for a successful migration:

  • It is best to leave most of the configuration work to one and the same person because this way you avoid mixing different work methods.

  • It is better not to change the core structure of your existing operations too much before you start the migration. This can be confusing if end users still have to work with both platforms during the transition.

  • When the migration is complete, you can easily archive the Vivaldi 5.0 data with an export to Excel. You will not be able to download the attachments, but you will be able to run statistics on them, and that's a good thing.

  • I highly recommend the BizzMine portal. If you take the time to read the manual or watch the videos, you'll really get to know the platform's structure.

Jordy and his support team are helpful and fast: they are solution-oriented and answer all questions immediately. I think there is a pleasant atmosphere at BizzMine because that reflects on the customers.

Bram Lammens, Quality Manager and Prevention Advisor


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