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Royal Bel Leerdammer

Leerdammer cheese is well known all over the globe and is produced in the factories of Royal Bel Leerdammer B.V. in the Netherlands. This cheese producer is part of the international Bel Group, known for branded cheeses such as The Laughing Cow (La Vache qui rit), Babybel and Boursin.

Royal Bel Leerdammer has implemented the BizzMine workflow platform for the automation of various business processes. The processes for customer request, material creation, new investment, disinvestment and invoice validation are completely streamlined in BizzMine. Non conformity workflow will become active soon and some other processes are following.

 BizzMine does what it says it does.

Royal Bel Leerdammer is satisfied with the user experience of BizzMine: “The layout makes it easy for every user to work with and the system is simple to understand. The platform is very flexible and adapts to the type of process, from simple to complex. The multilingual character of BizzMine and the support in Dutch are useful advantages.”

More key features, especially for the use of forms, are welcome for Royal Bel Leerdammer. BizzMine tastes like more!


Said Azaaj, Master Data Expert
Royal Bel Leerdammer

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Royal Bel Leerdammer

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