Improve safety, security and customer service with a Digital Quality Management System.

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With BizzMine you have a validated and compliant
software for your QMS.

With an electronic Quality Management System you can organize numerous
linked quality processes in accordance with GDP and security


Digitize documents to keep track of written procedures.

Review and approve instruction documents easier and faster than before. Stay up to date on the latest document versions you can use.

Choose the layout of your digital forms at each step of the workflow process.


The exchange of general instructions and changes now happens automatically and hence very fast. BizzMine is of great importance to us, especially because we work on different sites.

- H.Essers

Be prepared for your next internal or external audit.

With BizzMine, you can easily view the required work instructions.
Identify, analyze and track all possible deviations that occurred during the audit.

We find the software particularly user-friendly and very useful during audits.

– H.Essers


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Launch and link CAPAs from any other process.

Initiate CAPAs to correct and prevent deviations in accordance with quality risk management principles.

Customizable dashboards make it easy to present the most valuable and useful data.

It is not enough to do your best; you must know WHAT to do and THEN do your best.

– W. Edwards Deming

Automate your risk management process.

Mitigating risk is more critical to a GDP-compliant quality system than ever before.

Identify potential high-risk areas allowing the management to take
appropriate preventive action and reduce wasting resources on low-risk

The future of risk management is automated.

– Forbes

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Monitor complaints and help reduce them in the future.

With BizzMine you can better track, investigate, and correct your
customer complaints, supplier complaints, and internal deviations.

Our Complaints Management leads you to compliance with ISO standards
and FDA requirements.

We deployed BizzMine to replace our existing complaints database with a more flexible and easier to maintain complaints follow-up system.

– Sylphar

Organize calibration processes in one place.

Capture all relevant data in the customizable calibration form and attach
scans or images to document the results.

Schedule your calibration work and rely on the intuitive workflow process
for deadlines.

Streamline quality processes to manage non-conformities.

Deviations from established procedures are documented and investigated.

You can easily set up a workflow to handle deviations and defects.

Manage all data on training, skills and exams

Register all training data in a central database via customizable training session forms.

Get a color-coded overview of user and function skills in the skills matrix.

A major advantage of a digital quality system is the ability to link training, skills, and exams to documents.

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