Digital QMS for Laboratories

Improve the quality and safety of your laboratory and get fast and reliable results through the implementation of a Digital Quality Management System.

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Improve the quality of your laboratory results with the implementation of a Digital Quality Management System.

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Digital Quality Management System for Laboratories

Innovation and high-quality solutions are the key to the most accurate laboratory results in the shortest lead times.

Highly trained laboratory staff takes care of a wide range of analyses, for use in a medical and pharmaceutical environment, or in the food and agri-food industry.

Implementing a decent quality management system helps you to digitize and organize numerous activities:

The fact that you can configure literally any process in BizzMine, makes it very easy to automate a lot of our processes and actually document them.

– Anwa Medical Labs

QMS for Laboratories - BizzMine

Any organization that performs testing, sampling or calibration wants reliable results and strives for the high level of testing standardization that auditors require.

With BizzMine you have validated QMS software according to international standards.

Measure up to stringent legislation and government requirements and meet all quality requirements and regulations according the ISO standards for ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189 and ISO 14001 in one flexible platform.

Streamline operations, be more resilient and build a sustainable business.

This is how BizzMine can be your powerful business improvement tool.

We experience the communication with BizzMine as open and on content with the aim to obtain the best results.

– GenDx

BizzMine Audit Management

Audit Management

BizzMine helps you to better organize and follow up your internal and external audits.

BizzMine CAPA Management

CAPA Management

BizzMine CAPA management helps you to continually improve the effectiveness of your QMS.

BizzMine Training Management

Training Management

BizzMine helps you to better manage and control all data on training and competencies.

BizzMine Complaints Management

Complaints Management

Track, investigate, and correct your customer and supplier complaints. Do you want to manage your business complaints effectively?

BizzMine Calibration Management

Calibration Management

BizzMine Calibration Management is the perfect application to plan, organize and analyze all your calibration processes.

BizzMine CAPA Management

Document Control

Centralized management of standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals, documentation, work instructions and other documents.

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