VARIO Safety Management in the public sector

Make safety management simple and efficient with an integrated QHSE software platform.

Security, a challenge


For the public sector, safety management is a major challenge.

The internal department for prevention and safety at work has to deal with many different processes and activities: risk analyses, prevention measures, incident registration, reporting, and records.

In addition, many different departments are involved: the Social House, the Education Service, the Autonomous Municipal Enterprise, the Police and Fire Departments, the Prevention Service, the Human Resources Service, ...


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Every 10 seconds, someone loses their life to a workplace accident or work-related illness. Can you make your organization 1% safer?

- Dr. Adrew Sharman - "One Percent Safer"
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Complex and dynamic

As a public sector organisation, you face many challenges: fragmentation of data, manual processes, lack of uniformity, insufficient collaboration,...

With an integrated QHSE software platform, you make safety management in your organisation much easier and more efficient.

The software provides you with a centralised and unified way to manage all aspects of safety and ensures better communication between all stakeholders.

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The benefits of VARIO software

Centralisation of data

With all information in one central place, you keep the perfect overview.


Easy reporting

Easily report on your results and automatically generate unique reports.

Smooth collaboration

Internal and external employees work better together, across departments.


Better insights

Gain a better understanding of the security situation through statistics and trend analysis.



Capture data on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This increases compliance with security policies.



Time saving

The administrative burden is reduced and transparency is increased.


"The added value of VARIO for the municipality of Koksijde is both the knowledge of the file managers and the fact that the software is accessible to everyone and easy to complete at all levels via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With VARIO we automatically have a unified, clear report for the board based on centralized, error-free, and efficient reporting."

Wim Verraes - Municipality of Koksijde
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Vario - Risk Management

Risk Management

Inventory, evaluate and manage the risks in your organisation.

Vario - Materiaalbeheer

Materials Management

Keep control over in-service of materials and periodic inspections.

Vario - Accidents and Incidents

Incident Management

Record, investigate, report incidents, and prevent their recurrence.

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Inspections and surveys

Digitise and centralise all safety, quality, or environmental inspections and audits.

Vario - Evaluaties


Measure and analyse scores and assessments consistently.

Vario - SWOT

Process Analysis - SWOT

Analyse the influence and importance of each stakeholder on the organisation.