7 reasons why you should go for a digital QMS


If you are still using an abacus to count your incidents at work or customer complaints, then we probably need to talk.

Ok, that comparison may be a bit extreme, but there are some who insist on nonsensical, time-consuming, manual systems for quality management. For the believers among us, there are very good reasons in various industries to say goodbye to manual quality systems and bring your business in line with the more professional, modern, and accountable systems.

1. Data recording

Mistakes take different forms in the business world. Some are smaller and less worrisome in the grand scheme of things. But then there are the bigger mistakes that can have catastrophic consequences - from budget overruns to health and safety failures. Manual errors are harder to spot when there is no labeling or quality management.

Of course, we are all just human, but when inaccuracies are reduced through integrated digital systems, everyone has less to worry about.


2. Time is money

Suppose your current collection of business processes is not focused on achieving your quality goals. In that case, your employees are most likely wasting so much time searching for documents instead of taking care of customers. A customer-centric system means implementing a software solution, yes, but it's pretty important to get serious about the long-term benefits of saving time.

3. Take the pressure down

It makes sense to relieve the burden on those who deal with the intricate details of daily operations. There's a lot to be said for systems that allow your staff to focus on your customers instead of double- and triple-checking for potential errors in communications and processes.

4. Risk relief

Nobody likes to think about it, but there are events that change lives.

Think of sound risk management as an inoculation for your business.

The need to protect your employees and your building is no different than having the right automated backup systems in place to protect your data in the event of a fire, other likely catastrophic events, and yes, intellectual property theft.


5. Accountability

Why do audits scare management? Probably because they are cumbersome, sometimes (or always) intrusive, and usually raise issues at an inopportune time that we would rather not deal with. That said, audits are now part of business whether we like it or not, and compliance takes up a lot of our valuable time each year. A manual system can lead to compliance errors when documents are misfiled or missing. It can raise issues that are not realistic or overlook ones that are real problems.

This only shines a spotlight on your business that does not need to be. An automated system that helps you control all documentation is essential to take away the tension and anxiety that an auditor's gaze will cause.


6. Greater visibility

One problem many small and medium-sized businesses have is that a lot of knowledge is in the heads of key people. This is no one's fault, it has simply always been that way.

Knowledge and processes are sometimes passed on, but perhaps not completely, and most likely not at all. Sharing this information with a system designed for collaboration is key to keeping knowledge within the organization. Reports and the ability to check the status of all projects without having to jump from department to department or person to person are a direct result of having a clear, user-friendly central hub for all your workflows and documents.


7. Better Document Control

Do you have a central location where everyone involved can see what's going on from the beginning?

A central location for workflow documents, training, and incident information is just the beginning. For users of this information, it creates a sense of cohesion within their role and frees them from time-consuming duplication of paperwork and the frustration associated with the clutter of official paperwork. You will not regret choosing one solution.

You would not hesitate to purchase new critical equipment if your business needed it for efficiency, would you? The same should be true for implementing improved quality control systems. Remember, you always need the right tools to get the best results. The technology is there and waiting, maybe it's just time to change your company's business model.

We promise you, it will not hurt.

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